5 Luxury Home Decor Tips For Any Space


Looking to give your home a high end upgrade? Whether you’re undergoing a full home renovation with the help of Brickworks or just looking to add a few new staple pieces of decoration to a smaller apartment, here are a few luxury home decor trips that will transform any home into a high end, luxurious space.


Incorporate Florals

One of the simplest ways to add an elegant touch to any space is by decorating with fresh floral bouquets. Putting different floral arrangements in vases is sure to impress guests while dressing up your space. Whether you pick the flowers yourself or purchase them from a local florist, this is one of the best ways to make your home more luxurious.

@Mooi Tulip Mania

Invest in an Area Rug

A quick way to dress up any space is by adding a large area rug. Whether you opt for a vintage shag carpet or a high end fur rug (made from real or fake fur), this is a great way to occupy space in a large room. This can also provide warmth to a room and make your space look more cozy and comforting, in addition to adding an elegant touch.


Use Mirrors as Decor

Hanging wall mirrors in place of posters or artwork in a large commonspace can add a touch of luxury to any home. Using mirrors for decor is also a great way to add brightness to any space and to make your space look larger – this means that mirrors are a perfect decorative option for smaller homes and apartments.

@Mooi Starfall Light

Accent Lighting

Instead of relying on the overhead interior lighting in your home, adding some decorative lighting can help make your space appear more elegant. Whether you opt for some vintage lamps or a high end light piece to go in the center of your room, using lighting as home decor can help to fill your space while also allowing you to elevate the mood of your home by giving you better lighting options.

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Mix Textures

Mixing textures of decorative items in your home can help give your space a more unique look while helping any decorative items you choose appear more luxurious. Mixing textures like velvet, fur, silk, and even cotton can give an elegant look to the decorative items in your home.