5 Lifestyle Tips For Luxury Digital Nomads


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With several travel corridors (tentatively) opening up, it’s probably time to rekindle your passion for global travel and start planning that luxury sabbatical you promised yourself before lockdown 1.0.

It’s understandable if you’re a little nervous – the logistics of a long-term trip are never entirely straightforward at the best of times. And in the current climate, it’s even more tricky to co-ordinate a much-needed getaway.

But don’t let that put you off. With some great guidance, you can set off on your dream break with confidence – which is exactly why we’ve put together these five lifestyle tips for luxury digital nomads.

1. Visas

It’s always best to check your government’s official foreign travel advice frequently before setting off anywhere abroad – as you’ll be acutely aware, circumstances can change rapidly at the moment. However, there are several amazing destinations currently offering digital nomad visas to foreign arrivals, including Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dubai (UAE), and Iceland. So whether you prefer sun and palm trees or snow and mountains, the choice is yours!

2. Accommodation

When you’re looking for luxe accommodation with stunning city and country views, there’s a plethora of suitable options for digital nomads worldwide. Great choices include the Mojo Nomad Aberdeen by Ovolo in Hong Kong, Hobo Hotel in Stockholm and the TYRP by Windham in Dubai. For something a little different, try the Volkshotel in Amsterdam or Mama Shelter in Bordeaux.

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3. Child safety

Long-term travel with kids in tow adds another dimension to your adventure – but it certainly doesn’t mean that the digital nomad life en famille is impossible. If you need to work while you’re abroad, or just fancy the occasional date night, you’ll need to source officially approved childminders. But choosing to travel to one of the best countries to raise kids is a great baseline for peace of mind – here’s a handy list from US News.

4. Insurance

Grabbing travel insurance for you and every member of your travel party (which includes Covid-19 cover) is an absolute must before you set off on any extended trip these days. If you’re not sure where to start, use a comparison site like Compare the Market to weigh up terms and prices from various rated insurance competitors. This is a vital stitch in time, so don’t delay.

5. Connectivity

Whether you’re submitting an inspirational travel writing piece to a glossy magazine like Conde Nast, publishing a travel vlog on YouTube or even studying for an online degree with ARU Distance Learning, you’ll need to ensure there’s good internet connectivity at your destination. According to Statista, the countries with the fastest average mobile internet speeds are UAE, South Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China and Norway.

And voila – five lifestyle tips for luxury digital nomads which we hope you find useful.

Wherever you end up on your travels, keep your eyes and your heart open to make the most of it!

photo @airstream