3 Luxury Home Decor Retailers to Check Out For Your Next Home Makeover


When undergoing home renovations, it can be difficult to find retailers offering the right decor, especially if you are looking to give your home a luxurious or modernized makeover. Selecting even just a few high quality, luxury pieces of furniture or decor can instantly transform the look of your entire space, making it appear more elegant and contemporary. Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or giving your home office a makeover with the help of a designer at Key Interiors, here are a few home decor retailers that are sure to have all of the luxury items and accessories you need to make your space feel complete.

@West Elm

West Elm

Despite it’s high prices, West Elm is considered to be one of the more “affordable” luxury home brands available on the market. Known for their contemporary designs that often incorporate a vintage style, West Elm is home to some of the most luxurious couches, tables, and designer decor. The good news for consumers is that West Elm is a fairly popular chain, with numerous locations spread across the country; so, their high-quality products are accessible to all homeowners!

@Housewright Gallery

Housewright Gallery

This Seattle based luxury retailer aims to incorporate aspects of architecture and interior design into their furniture and home decorations. From decorative bowls and vases to hand painted lamps, this store sells products that tend to be far pricier than the average piece of home decor from your local mall; however, many of Housewright Gallery’s customers find that their prices are fair for the quality of each decorative piece, which serve as both functional and beautiful additions to any home.

@Egg Collective/ @instagram.com/eggcollective/

Egg Collective

One of the most important parts of any luxury decoration or home is longevity. When investing a considerable amount of money into a luxury piece of decor, it is important to have peace of mind that it will hold up will over time. Egg Collective is based in New York City and makes their items from high-quality materials that are proven durable over time, making them the perfect addition to any home. This is one of the most popular home decor brands in New York City, so purchasing any items you have your hands on before they sell out is crucial!

@Egg Collective