Ardbeg’s Rollercoaster Unveils Rare Drams from Distillery’s Pivotal Moments

Ardbeg releases two historic whiskies encapsulating the distillery’s rollercoaster past.

@Ardbeg releases two historic whiskies encapsulating the distillery’s rollercoaster past

Ardbeg, the famous distillery on the Scottish island of Islay, has released two historic whiskies emblematic of pivotal moments in the Distillery’s past. United as Ardbeg The Rollercoaster, the two rare single malts were distilled in 1981 and 1989 and embody Ardbeg’s irrepressible spirit and survival against the odds.

In a celebration of resilience and the undying spirit of Ardbeg, the iconic distillery nestled on the enchanting Scottish island of Islay has unveiled a remarkable duo of historic whiskies, collectively known as Ardbeg The Rollercoaster. Distilled in the pivotal years of 1981 and 1989, these rare single malts encapsulate Ardbeg’s journey, showcasing its ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

With a legacy spanning more than two centuries, Ardbeg faced adversity during the challenging downturn that plagued the entire Scotch whisky industry in the 1980s. The distillery, succumbing to economic pressures, was forced to close its doors. However, Ardbeg’s story took a courageous turn in 1989 when it reopened under new ownership, marking the commencement of a brave new chapter.

@Ardbeg releases two historic whiskies encapsulating the distillery’s rollercoaster past

Ardbeg The Rollercoaster pays homage to two critical moments in the distillery’s history. The first whisky was crafted just a fortnight before Ardbeg’s closure, utilizing the last cask from the 1981 stock. This dram captures the essence of a distillery facing an uncertain future. The second, distilled in 1989, commemorates Ardbeg’s revival, symbolizing the indomitable spirit that propelled the distillery back to prominence.

Caspar MacRae, the CEO of Ardbeg, reflects on this exceptional release, stating, “From our Distillery’s most perilous low come two unrepeatable bottlings that take Ardbeg to new heights. Ardbeg The Rollercoaster shows just how far our Distillery has come since its uncertain past.” Today, Ardbeg stands as one of the world’s most sought-after and collectible whiskies, a testament to its enduring legacy.

MacRae continues, “As its fanbase continues to grow, we are more invested in our Distillery and our island community than ever before.” Ardbeg’s commitment to its future is evident in recent endeavors, including the construction of a new stillhouse to ensure the continuity of Ardbeg’s legendary smoky spirit. Moreover, the distillery has invested in a well-known hotel on Islay, emphasizing the creation of a world-class hospitality experience for residents and visitors alike.

Here’s to the future of Ardbeg — a future anchored in the rich tapestry of its past, where each sip of Ardbeg The Rollercoaster tells a story of resilience, triumph, and the unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional whisky.

@Ardbeg releases two historic whiskies encapsulating the distillery’s rollercoaster past