The second edition of the 2018 LVMH Innovation Award goes to Oyst 1-Click

Congratulations to Oyst, the runners-up Kronos Care and Vechain, and to all the other contenders.”

Oyst – Buy simply in 1-Click is the winner or the second edition of the LVMH Innovation Award. The trophy was handed at 2018 Viva Technology event in Paris, the rendezvous for innovation and startups. No more forms to fill out, passwords to remember, the blue card to go … With Oyst, buying on the internet has never been easier!

LVMH innovaton award 2018

LVMH innovaton award 2018; Chairman & CEO Bernard Arnault announces the winner of the LVMH Innovation Award 2018; photo: lvmh

2018 Viva Technology, the global event for luxury startups and leaders, took up the challenge to raise the bar even higher this year. More than 100,000 attendees participated in the 3 days of VivaTech (2 days reserved for professionals and 1 day open to the general public) and were able to meet and initiate collaborations with the 1,800 startups either exhibiting or pitching, 1,900 investors and thousands of business leaders, as well as 1,900 journalists from around the world.

The second day of Viva Technology 2018 has commenced and not a single chair in the main stage area was left unoccupied as eager attendees awaited the announcement of the winner of this year’s LVMH Innovation Award.

“We had a record number of applicants this year.”, CDO of LVMH, Ian Rogers, called to the crowd as he stepped on- stage. “60% more applicants than last year. It was challenging to narrow that great pool of talent down to the thirty finalists sitting before me today, but with the help of our jury, we have selected a winner”.

Welcoming to the stage last year’s winner Tony Pinville, founder and CEO at HEURITECH, LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault and his son Alexandre Arnault, CEO of RIMOWA.

LVMH innovaton award 2018-

photo: lvmh

“Thanks to this award, we had a major press coverage worldwide.”, says Pinville, “We are now starting to develop our business worldwide, in the US, in Europe and in Asia”. Handing over the microphone to the Group Chairman and CEO, Bernard Arnault echoes the words of his CDO: “This year, VivaTech becomes a real fantastic success. It’s a sign of the growing importance of France for technology and entrepreneurship. France is becoming—and I am very glad about this—an entrepreneur country and a tech country.”

Reiterating the importance of startups to the LVMH luxury group, Bernard Arnault continued, “Although we are the largest French company on the stock market, we try to stay mobile. We try to keep that real startup spirit.”.

Handing the microphone to his son to announce the winner, a tense moment of silence followed before Alexandre Arnault called out “OYST”. Ushered on-stage by the audience’s applause, Oyst Founder and CEO Julien Foussard thanked the jury, before touting his creation to the audience and the wider world watching: “When you want to buy a simple white tee-shirt on an e-commerce website, it takes eight steps. Why? Online check-outs are a major issue for merchants and consumers alike. Oyst has created a button that allows shoppers to make purchases in a single click without providing additional details.”

oyst innovation



Any information that is relative to your payments won’t be shared, say Oyst developers. Oyst 1-Click commits itself to optimize the security of your purchases. Oyst’s partner websites are verified and your transactions are controlled 24/7, say the developers.

Security is a major concern of Oyst. The startup is working with Adyen, one of the world’s leading online payment providers , to offer its customers reliable tools. The teams at the origin of the solution have developed in-house secure technology that makes it possible to identify users using biometric functionalities.

The Oyst solution was born in 2015, under the leadership of Julien Foussard and Quentin Vigneau, the two co-founders.

Julien Foussard (CEO) is a “serial entrepreneur” at the origin of seven start-ups in the e-commerce sector. He is the creator of IronGroup, which generated 100 million euros in revenue in 2016.

Quentin Vigneau studied at HEC Paris and Télécom ParisTech. A specialist in Big Data and online payment technologies, he worked at Worldline before creating Oyst. He is responsible for products and operations.