The Best Luxury Easter Eggs: From Pierre Hermé Glyphes To The Easter Showstopper Peacock Feather Egg

Whether celebrating the holiday with an iconic chocolate bunny or enjoying the spring season with a unique treat for yourself or as a gift, these premium chocolates can help elevate everyday occasions for oneself and others.

Pierre Hermé Glyphes egg
“Origins”: for Easter 2023, Pierre Hermé invites us to a fascinating dive into the mysterious world of pre-Columbian civilizations.

With the Glyphes egg, presented on the steps of a Mayan pyramid, Pierre Hermé imagines a pictographic writing in the image of the glyphs of Aztec texts. The painted books of the time are transformed into chocolate, the material of which lends itself admirably to this engraving.

Filled with chocolate assortment in the shape of masks, the eggs are available in pure dark chocolate from Bélize, milk chocolate from Pierre Hermé Paris and blond caramelised with fleur de sel.

@Pierre Hermé Glyphes egg 2023

Guido Gobino Easter Eggs

With the arrival of March it starts to feel like spring air, to enjoy this period Guido Gobino’s colorful eggs are already available.
The timeless classics: Fondent, Gianduja, very fine milk and the delicious fillings: Fondant with a heart of Vanilla, in Milk with Hazelnut and Caramel White. So many fun packages to surprise everyone.

Guido Gobino Easter collection honors nature, raw materials and crafts and is declining in many colorful products with creative and sustainable surprises. The eggs find space between Cremini, Tourinot, and dragèe to make the waiting for Easter delicious and colorful.

Guido Gobino special egg for 2023 Easter collection is made from an ancient cacao variety that was recently recovered in Ecuador. The unique chocolate egg is decorated by hand with the bark pattern, to pay homage to the earth, which gives us these precious raw materials. The surprise takes back the creative idea of the egg: nature, raw materials and craftsmanship.

Harrods Easter Showstopper Peacock Feather Egg
A masterpiece in chocolate form, our crowning Peacock egg – weighing in at 1.8kg and decorated with delicate caramelised-white-chocolate feathers – takes Easter to dizzying heights of decadence. Crack open the shimmering golden shell to reveal a thick layer of milk chocolate lined with our signature bread-and-butter praline. Beneath it, you’ll find a drawer filled with 16 glistening bonbons.

Maison Pierre Marcolini Water Lily Eggs and caramel bunnies

Is there anything prettier than a dragonfly resting on a deliciously garnished water lily egg? This limited-edition Pierre Marcolini chocolate piece is available in two recipes:
– Large hazelnut praline egg with dark chocolate shell, cashew nut crisp, caramel shards and a touch of salt. This egg sits upon a lily pad in dark chocolate and is topped with a delicate dragonfly in the Maison’s dark chocolate.
– Large vanilla and dried fruit praline egg with milk chocolate shell, roasted hazelnut crisp, caramelised almonds and pecan nuts. This egg sits upon a lily pad in white chocolate and is topped with a delicate dragonfly in the Maison’s white chocolate. Which one will you choose?

Nestled in a colorful box, Pierre Marcolini’s Easter offer features little praline eggs that will delight every gourmet:

– almond praliné and sesame nougatine in a white chocolate shell
– praliné and pecan nougatine in a milk chocolate shell
– hazelnut praliné and nougatine with caramel chips in a dark chocolate shell.

The caramel bunny and his friend the dried fruit bunny are obviously part of the party, along with the vanilla and salted butter caramel birds. The hazelnut praline bell animates this happy gathering with sweet music.Will you join the party?

Armani/Dolci Easter 2023 collection

In addition to the classic Armani/ Dolci Colomba (1 kg), the traditional Italian Easter cake, chocolate eggs (410/440 g) are available in two new flavours: dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts, or milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and amaretto cookies.

The new 2023 Armani/ Dolci product selection also includes an assortment of the Armani/Dolci iconic pralines, as well as two new flavours of the mini Easter eggs, the coconut-filled milk chocolate and dark chocolate with a milk-flavoured heart, along with the new 55 g mini eggs in the classic milk and dark chocolate versions.

Harrods Vegan Hazelnut Gianduja Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
If the iridescent peacock-feather-inspired hues of this egg aren’t enough to tempt you, the ultra-indulgent dark-chocolate shell layered with bubbles of dreamy hazelnut gianduja (an extra-nutty Italian praline) – all vegan – should cinch the deal. For the sweeter of tooth, our chefs have also made a milk-chocolate version with creamy salted caramel.

Venchi 1878 White Chocolate with Salted Nuts Gourmet Egg
Striking the perfect balance between both sweet and salty, and creamy and crunchy, this white-chocolate creation conceals a layer of whole Sicilian almonds, lightly salted pistachios and Piedmont hazelnuts. The pleasure of shattering the thick shell almost equals the pleasure of eating it.

Fortnum and Mason Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg, 500g
Crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by master chocolatiers in Wales, this exceptional Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg is made using Single Origin Chocolate Couverture from Colombia with 45% minimum cocoa solids and a layer of creamy white chocolate with minimum 40% cocoa solids. The milk chocolate egg has been hand-painted with all-natural cocoa butter paints, which has been carefully perfected over many weeks.

@Läderach Artisanal Chocolate Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs

Läderach Artisanal Chocolate Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs
Läderach Releases Limited-Edition Premium Fresh Artisanal Chocolate Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs for Spring and Easter. Little Eggs Assorted 12 pieces are 12 speckled chocolate eggs featuring an exceptionally stylish quail egg look in a 12-piece box. The eggs come in three flavors: milk chocolate with rice crispies; white chocolate with strawberry and rice crispies; white chocolate with orange, mango, and rice crispies. In addition to its Spring and Easter seasonal collection, Läderach offers more than 85 varieties of chocolates, including Vegan and Kosher Dairy-certified varieties. The Kosher Dairy-certified chocolate includes all packaged and open sale items except for open sale and packaged pralines & truffles containing alcohol.

Fortnum & Mason Easter Praline Scotch Egg, 130g
Indulge in one of the many lip-licking innovations to come from Fortnum & Mason’s kitchen over the years with this Easter Praline Scotch Egg. If you follow the breadcrumb trail back to the start, you’ll discover the original ‘Scotched Egg’ – created in 1738 as a snack for those on the move. More than 250 years later, Fortnum & Mason has another innovation, in the form of this chocolate Scotch Egg.

Fortnum & Mason Easter Scotch Egg is made from a simnel-flavoured milk chocolate praline with a delicious orange ganache centre and a roasted hazelnut and cocoa nib coating. Slice in half and enjoy this indulgent treat this Easter.

Fortnum & Mason Decorated Easter Egg Trio, 270g
Handcrafted from the finest milk, dark and white chocolate using antique moulds, this Easter Eggs trio is decorated with sugar flowers and filled with a delicious surprise. Simply crack open the chocolate shell to reveal a collection of white, milk and dark chocolate animals. A delicious treat that is sure to delight this spring season.

Fortnum & Mason Ultimate Praline Ganache Easter Egg Selection Box, 2.6kg
Desire meets deliciousness in Fortnum & Mason’s decadent Praline Ganache Easter Egg Selection. Expertly hand-crafted and artistically finished, each miniature egg has been filled with an irresistible ganache and blended with one of six flavours.

Indulge in the remarkable flavours of berry and fruit with Fortnum & Mason Ruby Ganache Milk Egg, the White Rose, Cherry & Saffron Egg and classic Blonde Ganache Egg. Devour the perfectly balanced Milk Salted Caramel Egg, intensely rich Dark Malabar Coffee Egg and finally the incredibly nutty Dark Brazil Nut Praline Egg.

Pavel Pavlov Easter Eggs with Valrhona chocolate

Pavel Pavlov, founder of La Fève, invites us in the East to introduce giant colorful Easter egg filled with a variety of truffles. The collection came with a wooden hammer, allowing everyone to break it to reveal its delicious treasures.

Shaped with Guanaja 80%, Azelia 35%, Jivara 40% and Ivory 35%, it contains eight truffles: strawberry, raspberry, Irish liqueur and hazelnut. A real case of bright colors, sparkling, comforting.
Pavel Pavlov chose to express his art with Valrhona chocolate. “We can count on Valrhona. With a work as complex, as variable as ours, we need a consistent base to build on. The field of possibilities is large: gourmet, refined, raw, Valrhona flavors offer us an incredible playground!”

“Our mission is to prove that Bulgaria is a true welcoming home for genius and awesome pastry chefs”, says Pavel Pavlov.

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