Mission by SH – A new luxury loyalty program is designed to help offset carbon emissions


This new Hospitality Loyalty Program is more of a mission. By joining, you’ll start your mission to do some good for others and yourself.

SH Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of global private investment firm Starwood Capital Group led by Chairman and CEO Barry Sternlicht, that manages 1 Hotels, Baccarat Hotels & Resorts and Treehouse Hotels announced the
launch of MISSION by SH, a cause-driven rewards program that allows guests to offset the climate impact of their
stay by donating their reward dollars toward carbon offset projects.

MISSION by SH is designed as a new kind of loyalty program for hotel guests and the planet – one that seeks to fight climate change. Program membership consists of 4 tiers based on number of stays and loyalty, each tier has a
different Give Back option.

As a member, guests can choose to donate their Give Back Rewards, directly investing in a positive climate future
by funding carbon offset projects including forest and river conservation, wind projects, and sustainable agroforestry.

One such carbon offset projects involves forestry conservation in North Carolina. The project saves two forests from deforestation, near the Pungo and Alligator river systems. With the help of guest contributions, trees and soil can continue to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Guests can also receive exclusive rewards including complimentary upgrades, access to insider offers, custom wellness packages, and more. Give Back Rewards may be redeemed on an on-going basis for ‘Self Love’ including In-Stay SH experiences such as spa time or a personal workout session.

“We’ve created a true socially conscious hospitality brand so when launching MISSION by SH™, we were meticulous in making sure that the program aligned with our larger mission of sustainability and serving as a platform for change without taking away from the luxury hotel experience,” said Arash Azarbarzin, CEO of SH Hotels & Resorts.
“Connection and commitment are at the core of MISSION by SH™ so no matter how our guests choose to participate it is designed to go beyond transactional rewards and strengthen the emotional bond between us around a shared cause.”

MISSION by SH was launched at 1 Hotels in April in celebration of Earth Day, with Baccarat Hotels & Resorts and Treehouse Hotels launching at a later date.

Twelve new SH Hotels & Resorts properties, including 1 Hotels, Baccarat Hotels & Resorts and Treehouse Hotels are under development in destinations across the globe, from Paris to San Francisco. The mission-driven, luxury brand remains committed to building each of its new properties with sustainable design practices and materials, support of local communities, and the least possible impact on the environment.