Gaia: Guy Laliberte’s secret garden

Guy Laliberte, the Canadian space tourist and founder of Cirque du Soleil, made a private space exploration around the world in 2009, followed by a book named “Gaia”, with photos of Earth that he took from the International Space Station.

Never before has the planet been seen as vividly, captured as poignantly, or documented as sensationally as in Gaia (Assouline, 2011). This compilation of photographs of the earth’s crust—taken 220 miles above its surface—is a celebration of the planet and a richly textured journey through the magical mind of Laliberté.

A documentation both rare and captivating, his images are natural works of art, rich in color and texture. The Assouline’s hand-bound limited edition with color plates is presented in a linen clamshell box that comes with a complimentary Assouline canvas tote bag.