This luck-bringing handbag comes with interactive astrology app



Kenzo unveils new TALI bag collection with interactive astrology app. TALI collection of bags is using the motif of the Eye, a universal symbol of luck. The name of this collection comes as a derivative of the word ‘talisman’, a powerful amulet to the wearer, able to possess spiritual powers and bring good fortune.

Kenzo Tali 2019

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019

With its new line of TALI bags, Kenzo reconnects with a spiritual world, honoring intuition. The bags stand out with their eye motif on the clasp, a universal symbol of good fortune and protection and a favorite symbol of Kenzo co-creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.

Presented during the Fall/Winter 2019 show in Paris last January, the collection features clean design and elegant craftsmanship, with sophisticated leathers and bright, vibrant colors.

For the launch of the TALI, Kenzo has conceived a digital platform for an interactive discovery of the collection. The unique app was developed with renowned astrologist Susan Miller and artist Filip Custic. The former explains the unique properties of each of the TALI handbags models, which are showcased in a surrealist universe created by the artist. By spinning an online wheel of fortune visitors can choose the bag best suited for them, reflecting their personality and aspirations.

Kenzo Tali Red 2019-

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019

Discover the bag that speaks to you. Susan Miller has created a story for each color.

“Black imparts authority, power, sophistication, and elegance. If white is the combination of all color, black is the absence of color—both white and black reflect beauty in simplicity. We speak of the mystery of black holes but love the little black dress. Black is always in fashion and always impossibly chic.

Kenzo Tali Collection 2019 _ Silver Unique HandBag

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019

What wearing silver says about you

“Silver, black and white is soft, feminine, light – it encourages your intuition. Its accuracy is strengthened when wearing silver tones, so wear it often. Silver is also associated with success, wealth and prosperity – qualities that you may have already achieved as a silver-lover, but if not, that you will soon attain. It is also said to be a color that restores stability and balance by protecting you from any possible negativity around you. If silver is your favorite color, then it has been said that lucky you, you have a direct connection with your spiritual guides,” commented Susan Miller.

“Wear crocodile when you are moving from one chapter of life to another or when you are striving to become more confident and successful,” added the astrologist.

Kenzo x Thélios eyewear collection

@Kenzo x Thélios eyewear collection

Both unexpected and eclectic: Kenzo x Thélios eyewear collection

This week, Carol Lim & Humberto Leon, creative directors of KENZO, presented the Maison’s first eyewear collection made in collaboration with LVMH eyewear expert Thélios. The dedicated accompanying eyewear campaign echoes the house’s KENZOTOPIA theme for the Spring/Summer season. Shot by Nick Harwood the images and video depict true idyllic paradise, as bright and colourful as the collection embodies. A utopia for a community who celebrate optimism and unity.

For the new collection, bowing for Spring/Summer 2019, the American-duo looked towards the high energy and fun roots of the near 50-year-old luxury Maison. The new and varying styles blend that Parisian confidence and California cool that KENZO has come to represent since their appointment. The vibrant colors of the sunglasses echo the fluorescent check suits and patterned dresses from the houses SS19 silhouettes. Shaking up the codes of KENZO, this very diverse first release plays with distinctive shapes and futuristic influences. The result reflects KENZO’s vibrant personality: both unexpected and eclectic.

Kenzo Tali Collection 2019 _ crossbody bag HandBag

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019 crossbody bag

Kenzo Tali 2019-

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019

Kenzo Tali Collection 2019 _ crossbody bag HandBag-

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019

Kenzo Tali Collection 2019-

@Kenzo Tali Bag 2019

Kenzo Tali Collection 2019-blue

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