Timelessness of Chanel No.5 revealed at the Palais de Tokyo

N°5 Culture Chanel Exhibit Comes to Paris

A new Chanel exhibition held at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris will shed light on the unique and timeless N°5 perfume and its creators. The exhibition will reveal the iconic artistic essence of the N°5 perfume, focusing on the long-lasting attachments between CHANEL and the Arts, announced the luxury house, who once again entrusted its heritage exhibition to Jean-Louis Froment, the curator of the previous editions of CULTURE CHANEL, held successively in Moscow’s Pushkin State Museum for Fine Arts, in Beijing at the National Art Museum of China and more recently in the Opera House in Canton.

N°5, an icon of modernity and Gabrielle Chanel’s first perfume, was born in 1921 from the collaboration of Mademoiselle Chanel and Russian-French chemist and perfume creator Ernest Beaux. The destiny of new and audacious N°5, the first “abstract” fragrance, was to became start an olfactory revolution.

N°5 is a perfume that travels afar. It crosses countries, gardens, books, poems and artistic movements, where it’s taken as a source for the modernity of its composition. It’s a perfume born of a love story, which its base note very subtly evokes at precisely the same instant time grasps it and carries it to us; so close and never fugitive, revealing even our most secret failings. Indefinable, the words that speak of it are abstract and the images which accompany it superposed on the thick layer of an artistic memory without time.

The cultural effect which accompanies N°5 and the unique aura that encircles it, bring continuity to this perfume and enable it to span all periods with knowing assurance. And this journey has no end; it continues to merge and mix with an irreversible movement onward through time. Like a work of art which is renewed with each visitor’s gaze at every exhibition, N°5 recomposes its history with each encounter and time it traverses. Sustained by a set of references attached to the adventures of Modernity’s artistic forms and with Gabrielle Chanel’s very singular and romantic story as a backdrop, the N°5 perfume has gained the status of creation.”
N° 5 CULTURE CHANEL exhibition
From May 5th until June 5th, 2013 the Palais de Tokyo in Paris