Michelin Recovery Index shows in real time Covid-19 impact on Michelin Starred restaurants



In order to inform and build awareness of the restaurant ecosystem, the Michelin gourmet guide created a barometer. The MICHELIN Recovery Index takes the pulse of global gastronomy.

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91,3% of Michelin Starred restaurants worldwide are open for dining either inside or outside.

Each week, the barometer is recording the number of Michelin Starred restaurants which are open for dining inside and/or on their terraces and will present the information for 39 culinary destinations. The integration of establishments is based on a specific criterion, as restaurants must demonstrate that they are open at least three days per week to be included. Every Tuesday evening, data from the previous week will be updated and a qualitative comment will analyse the situation. The barometer was launched in week 10 of 2020.

“We hope that this evidence will highlight a sector that radiates economically far beyond the doors of restaurants”, commented International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, Gwendal Poullennec, on May 19 when the barometer was issued.

The tool is designed to provide both the food service and wider tourism sectors with a real-time overview of the rate at which Michelin Starred restaurants across the world are reopening.

With its strong international presence, the MICHELIN Guide is calling on the support of its specialists to update the tool. Inspectors of the Guide are leveraging all their local gastronomic expertise and knowledge to gather information. Depending on the situation in each country, restaurant data will be collected either in the field, by phone or through digital research.

July offered a slight progression in the MICHELIN Recovery Index, with 91.3% of MICHELIN Starred restaurants open around the world.

However, the Delta variant of COVID 19 is now spreading in many countries, forcing them to impose new restrictions such as capacity reduction or the requirement for guests to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

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