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How to Pass Time on Your Travels;

We always think of traveling as this amazingly exciting adventure where the fun never stops. However, seasoned travelers will tell you that it isn’t as full of action as you imagine. There are long periods of time where you are just waiting – waiting for the plane or train, waiting to get to your destination on a long-haul flight or a long train or bus ride, waiting in line for your tickets, and so on.

So, what do you do when you have all that time on your hands? Here are a few things you can do to kill time before the next leg of your journey starts!

How to Pass Time on Your Travels

Read a Book or a Magazine

There is a reason why airports, train and bus stations usually have book and magazine stalls. This is because one great way to pass time is to read a really good book.

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People Watch

If you’re at a busy airport or station, you can while away do quite a bit of time people-watching. You are bound to see some very interesting people! Just make sure you don’t stare!

Strike Up a Conversation with a Fellow Traveler

This one may not always work, but it’s definitely worth a try. You can end up having some really interesting conversations, and actually find you have a lot in common with the person traveling next to you!

Do Something Creative

A lot of travelers carry along something creative to do. This could be a sketchbook, or something that they are knitting or crocheting. When you have the time on your hands, you could also try creating something for yourself.

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Listen to Music

This is an evergreen favourite. Also, thanks to smartphone, you can log into your Spotify account and listen to endless amounts of music using your earphones while you wait to board your flight, train or bus!

Do a Puzzle

Bookstores also have some very interesting puzzle books, ranging from Sudoku, Crosswords, Word Find, Jigsaws and so on. Pick the one you like the most and get to it!

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Play a Game of Slots on Your Phone

The best part about technology today is that you are connected almost anywhere you go. So, if you like to gamble for a little entertainment, you can try your hand at online slot machines. Read more about the different kinds of slots you can play on the go. Who knows, you may get a reward!

Play a Game on Your Gaming Console

Back to technology again. In fact, you see a lot of people at airports and stations playing on their gaming consoles. With such a wide range of games to choose from – online as well as offline – gaming consoles can keep you occupied for hours on end!

How to Pass Time on Your Travels - Play a Game of Slots on Your Phone

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Watch a Movie or TV Show

Most stations and airports today have some form of entertainment. You can watch what’s playing on television, or, if you’re in airports like Changi in Singapore, you can go and watch a full movie at the theater – which is located inside the airport!

Of course, the easiest option is watching your shows on your smartphone, which is what most people do now!

How to Pass Time on Your Travels - Get Some Sleep

Get Some Sleep

Going on a long journey can be exhausting, especially when you’re traveling economy. Take this time to get some rest. There are many airports and stations that offer lounge chairs for just this purpose.

In fact, there are some airports that offer nap cabs, tiny rooms that offer you a place to sleep in privacy and without having to worry about your luggage getting stolen.

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gift shop by changi airport;

Explore the Airport or Station

Most airports today, and many bus and train stations as well have some lovely shopping and dining areas. Go ahead and explore your surroundings while you wait for the next stage of your journey to begin. If you have the time, you can even have a little snack of meal!

Journaling or Blogging

A lot of travelers today either have a personal journal or a blog where they record their thoughts and experiences. This is not just a great way to pass time, but it is also a healthy habit to cultivate.

When you actually list down the number of things you can do while waiting for your journey to either begin or carry on, you realise that you won’t have time to get bored!

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