France: chic, luxurious and eco-friendly

© Louvre Museum / Olivier Ouadah

In recent times, France has established itself as the ideal getaway destination for people across the world. Visitors come in their millions every year for reasons as different as their countries of origin. For some, it is the idea of a luxurious getaway. Many just love the historical sights and artistic wonders, especially the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. Others come here for exquisite food and wine.

French cities offer a unique combination of luxury and the country lifestyle that has charmed tourists for decades. The bright lights and active lifestyle of Paris and Lyon strike a very sharp contrast to the winemaking countryside lifestyle in Bordeaux and Burgundy. The white sand beaches in the south of France are a popular stopping point for visitors, or if you’re looking for another option for a peaceful holiday, you can simply rent a chateau in France and relax in your palatial surroundings.

France’s fashion scene is a major attraction for tourists. Paris Fashion Week is one of the most popular fashion events on the planet, bringing together the most globally accomplished fashion brands and designers to showcase their best works. Paris Fashion Week exhibitions usually set the trend for in what’s en vogue in the fashion industry.

The Paris Fashion Week is a biannual event, happening once in spring/summer and again in autumn/winter. The event is held at venues all around the city. During Paris Fashion Week places like Tuileries Garden and the Palais Royal witness the world’s most stylish people in their most elegant outfits. The spectacle of it is something every fashion-lover should see at least once.

But there is more to France than fashion and luxury. The French government is also leading the way in eco-friendly policies. Plans have recently been proposed to stop high-end fashion houses from throwing away or burning unsold items. These items are to be given to charities or processed for recycling.

This initiative comes on the heels of a 2016 ban, stopping supermarkets from throwing away good quality unsold food. Foods that are just past their sell-by dates are to be given to charities or donated towards animal feeds. All of these initiatives are in-line with the French Government’s bid to reduce the country’s carbon footprint to a bare minimum.


This eco-friendly approach is also being reflected in French fashion. Last year’s Paris Fashion Week featured many products centred around the theme of sustainable fashion. Several designers, from recognisable names like Givenchy to relatively new names like Marine Serre, made fashion statements with upcycled outfits that were well received by the audience.

The timing of the fashion week means that you can schedule your holidays to at least coincide with one of the two events. The charm of France is being able to enjoy these different facets of beauty — fashion, food, history and lifestyle — all in one place.

A French vacation is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. You can pack a lot of experiences into a short trip if you know where to go. Whether you’ll be going alone or as a group, it promises to be something you’ll never forget.