Exquisite jewels: Rose Dior Pré Catelan’ and ‘Bois de Rose’ – Poetic collections with flowers crystallised into jewels

Rose Dior Pré Catelan’ and ‘Bois de Rose’ Dior Haute Joaillerie collections

“Happily, there are flowers, I love them too much not to take advantage of the opportunity to place them at the service of my imagination: I ask for a rose here, a carnation there.” – Christian Dior


ROSE DIOR PRÉ CATELAN; photo: dior.com

The founding couturier’s favourite flower, the rose has become a recurrent motif of Dior creations. From his début in 1947, Christian Dior drew inspiration from the architecture and natural elegance of flowers to create his “New Look” as well as several haute couture collections. The theme of the rose therefore breathes life into sumptuous evening gowns. The most majestic of flowers appears in numerous creations by the couturier,
becoming one of the emblems of Dior.

‘Rose Dior Pré Catelan’ and ‘Bois de Rose’ jewelry collections pay tribute to Monsieur Dior’s favorite flower, which he cultivated and which inspired many of his designs. Jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane, in turn, took inspiration from this emblematic flower for her collection of exquisite jewels. A modern reinterpretation of the emblematic flower of Christian Dior, the Bois de Rose collection is inspired by the stem and its thorns and depicts them in a romantic, feminine light. Rose Dior Pré Catalan collection was named after a famous botanical garden in Paris.

the emblems of Dior

photo: dior.com

dior bois de rose jewelry

dior bois de rose jewelry; photo: dior.com


Throughout his life, Christian Dior retained the happy memory of long hours spent as a child in the rose garden of the family home in Granville. It was there that he developed his unconditional love of flowers that was to deeply mark all his creations. The ‘Bois de Rose’ collection is a romantic tribute to the couturier’s favourite flower. Enhanced by Victoire de Castellane, the stem of the rose coils elegantly around the finger, creating a precious and refined ring.

The ‘Bois de Rose’ collection is entirely hand-crafted. It has its own High Jewellery setting, a two-bead setting without a thread that calls on all the expertise of the Dior Jewellery craftsmen. Cut outs in the gold of the ring give a mirror effect to the paving of brilliant-cut diamonds, multiplying their brilliance for this unique collection.


ROSE DIOR PRÉ CATELAN rings; photo: dior.com

ROSE DIOR PRÉ CATELAN jewelry collection

ROSE DIOR PRÉ CATELAN jewelry collection; photo: dior.com


“Flowers are so delicate and charming, but they must be used carefully.” – Christian Dior

Hand-sculpted in the raw material, the roses in this collection require many hours of painstaking work. Rose Dior Pré Catelan designs stand out through their generous volumes and pastoral detail – bees gather their precious honey from the stamen, while a diamond rests on a stem like a dewdrop – delivering realism and character to the jewels in this collection.

“What I want most of all is to make women completely desirable.” Christian Dior

Rose Dior Pré Catelan enhances all women through the variety of its ornamental stones and its vast array of colours, from the most tender – white coral, rose quartz, and blue chalcedony – to the most assertive – red coral and onyx.

jenniferlawrence- the face of the new Dior

jennifer lawrence- the face of the new Dior Perfume; photo: dior.com

Jewelry x Perfumes

Last week, the house of Dior announced Jennifer Lawrence as the face of the new Dior women’s perfume. She lends her radiant beauty and her joie-de-vivre to this new, extraordinary creation by Francois Demachy, Dior perfumer-creator.