Finally, a proper home for your beloved bike

Bike storage evolved: Alpen Bike Capsule is the world’s most innovative bicycle storage solution.

We all love our bikes, but, let’s face it, they don’t make great roommates. This innovative bike capsule from Alpen Storage protects your bike as never before without sacrificing valuable interior space. Finally, you can reclaim that valuable interior space that has long been occupied by your trusty bicycle.

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Reclaim your kitchen, bedroom, living room wall, or wherever you store your bike, and make the most of your outdoor, garage, or common space. Rest easy knowing that your bike is safe and secure in a custom home and enjoy your enhanced square footage.

Built from roto-molded polyethylene and equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, Alpen Bike Capsule is a custom home for your precious bicycle. Patented design offers secure, waterproof bicycle storage, perfect for outside your home, or inside a garage or building common area. The circular design gracefully blends form with function, providing easy access to almost any type of bike, including mountain bikes with wide handlebars.

There is even plenty of space for all your cycling accessories. The Bike Capsule is 79″ (2,017mm) long, 53″ (1,334mm) tall and 32″ (818mm) wide. Alpen Bike Capsules are made from nearly indestructible LLDPE plastic – similar to kayaks and Yeti coolers. All components and hardware are rust proof aluminum and stainless steel. The Capsule can be bolted down from the inside, so that bolt heads are inaccessible when the Capsule is closed.

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Bike storage evolved; photo:

“We started with a circle, known for its simplistic strength and elegance, and adapted the form to suit our specific need – storing bikes,” explained ALPEN founder, Eric Pearson.

“Equally at home on the deck of your high alpine cabin as it is in an urban apartment complex, ALPEN Bike Capsules are built tough, ready to provide years of stress free bike storage outside of your home or business.”

“The ALPEN Bike Capsule is tough enough to stand up to the elements and would be thieves, yet as refined as the bikes it protects,” added Alpen Storage.

The first product offering fits only one bike of just about any type. Most standard sized bikes fit in the 2018 Capsule, including road, mountain, electric, hybrid, tri, cyclocross, city, fat-tire, cruiser and more. Handlebars up to 32” (812mm) can fit in the Bike Capsule. Bikes with bars over 23”(558mm) wide may need to be loaded with the front wheel turned at an angle for sufficienct handlebar clearance. Bikes with bars greater than 32” can be loaded with the front tire removed and handlebars rotated in line with bike frame.

ALPEN Bike Capsules are manufactured in the U.S.A (at the limited time pre-order price of $899). Upon launch only one color is available, but the company says it expects to add colors in the near future.

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Bike storage evolved

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