Yoox launches its own-brand of stylish essentials powered by artificial intelligence


 Italian online premium fashion retailer YOOX launches 8 by YOOX. First drop of YOOX own label 8 by YOOX – a combination of classic Italian design with contemporary silhouettes. The result is an entire wardrobe composed of essential pieces and accessories, which mixes style, elegance and functionality.

Leading online lifestyle store YOOX has launched own-brand 8 by YOOX, a collection of stylish essentials for women and men, powered by artificial intelligence.

YOOX launches 8 by YOOX

Famed for its ability to bring together the best of human design and cutting-edge technology, YOOX is providing its customers with an exclusive brand. photo: yoox.com

The design of the 8 by YOOX logo is a play on the OO of the YOOX name, which was chosen to represent the pairing of the binary code embraced by the Y and X of the male and female chromosomes. The double ‘OO’ refers to a technology always in dialogue with humans and their craftsmanship and talent.

8 by YOOX is the latest addition to YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’S stable of own label brands which include MR PORTER’s Mr P. and THE OUTNET’s Iris & Ink.

Before putting pen to paper on each collection, the YOOX design team uses advanced, artificial intelligence tools to review content from across social media and online magazines in key markets. This insight is combined with predictive indicators into emerging lifestyle and style trends, analysis of own data from products sold on its site, customer feedback, industry purchasing trends as well as text search and image recognition. The result is a dynamic mood board that allows the product team to tap into the pulse of the customers, providing inspiration before they start to conceive items for the collection including everything from shape trends to colours, sleeve lengths, neckline shapes, fabrics, textures, heel heights and price points.

8 by YOOX 2018-

8 by YOOX debut; photo: yoox.com

“We are always exploring the frontier between Human and Machine; it’s been part of our DNA since I invented YOOX in 1999. Today we are combining the latest artificial intelligence with the human spirit and creative talent of our design team. Everything we do – whether creatively or using the latest technology – is to surprise and satisfy our customers,” said Federico Marchetti, Founder and CEO of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP.

The Fall/Winter 2018-19 collection will debut on the YOOX site on November 6th and the Spring/Summer 2019 collection in January 2019. The introduction of the inaugural collection follows a positive soft launch and testing period.

The collection will consist of easy-to-wear essentials that are timeless in style and designed to adapt to an individual wearer’s body contours thanks to the silhouettes chosen. The colour palette is neutral and the first collection includes t-shirts, jackets, coats, dresses, trousers and sweaters, all designed to create a versatile look that can be enhanced by a range of elegant and practical fashion accessories.

YOOX launches 8 by YOOX-

8 by YOOX debut; photo: yoox.com

8 by YOOX 2018-items

8 by YOOX debut; photo: yoox.com