What are luxury handbag consumers interested in?

  • World Handbag Report – industry’s first global analysis of the luxury handbag market
  • China – the 3rd largest volume of luxury handbag searches
  • European handbag brands dominate China 

After the World Luxury Index Handbags study release this July, Digital Luxury Group and Luxury Society released The World Handbag Report, the industry’s first global analysis of the luxury handbag market.

The most searched-for luxury handbag brands worldwide are Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci in the “powerhouse” category. Celine, Balenciaga and Miu Miu dominate the high-end sector, while Michael Kors, Mulberry and Marc Jacobs top the prestige list. Coach, Longshamp & Tory Burch are the most searched-for luxury handbag labels in the premium class. Louis Vuitton attracted an impressive 15% of global search, with most of the interest coming from the US and France.

The research measures and benchmarks over 50 unique indicators to analyse the performance of more than 120 luxury handbag brands across ten international markets.

The report identifies and analyses over 120 million handbag-­related search queries typed into major global search engines and translates them into the client preferences driving the industry.

After searches for specific branded collections and models, handbag style searches represent the 2nd largest category of luxury handbag interest.

Within the specific styles analyzed, the “tote” captures 32% of all style-related searches, followed by the “clutch” at 15%. Of note is the even higher popularity of clutches in the BRIC markets.

During the search for luxury handbags online, consumer queries are mostly related to the brand representing three quarters of all search results. In smaller markets such as India and Brazil, the brand intention is higher, highlighting the immaturity of those markets and the pursuit of consumers seeking to familiarize themselves with handbag brands.