Wellness cuisine: Como Shambhala and Singapore Airlines co-develop wellness dishes



Marrying healthy eating with pleasurable gastronomy, COMO Shambhala’s award-winning wellness cuisine is introduced on Singapore Airlines flights.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines; @singaporeair.com

Upscale airlines have always been committed to a continued focus on service excellence, network connectivity and product leadership. Singapore Airlines announced a partnership with Singapore-based wellness brand COMO Shambhala as it reaffirms the dedication to the holistic wellbeing of its travellers.

This collaboration marks the coming together of the world’s most awarded airline and COMO’s passion for holistic wellness and nutritious cuisine that has been at the heart of the high-end brand offering since the beginning of COMO Shambhala and COMO Hotels and Resorts.

The initial phase of the partnership will see COMO Shambhala’s award-winning wellness cuisine introduced on selected Singapore Airlines flights departing Singapore in the second half of this year.

The inclusion of co-developed wellness dishes will progressively be made available in SIA’s Book the Cook service. In addition, a new wellness menu featuring specially curated dishes will be introduced.

Future collaborations may also extend to on-board amenities, as well as in-flight entertainment content relating to wellness, among others, announced Singapore Airlines.

Last year, COMO Shambhala Estate, COMO’s wellness flagship destination, introduced four carefully selected new programmes— Ayurvedic, Be Active, Cleanse and Bespoke — each dedicated to a specific goal, whether weight loss, increased fitness or cleansing.

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