WallyWhy 150: The Floating Loft on the Water Sets Sail at the Venice Boat Show

The prestigious Venice Boat Show is once again playing host to the unveiling of a groundbreaking yacht that is set to revolutionize the yachting industry. Wally, the renowned luxury yacht manufacturer, proudly presents the all-new WallyWhy 150 at the Salone Nautico Venezia from May 31st to June 4th. This 78-foot masterpiece promises to redefine the concept of luxury and comfort on the water, all while making a bold fashion statement.

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The WallyWhy 150 is the brainchild of Wally-Ferretti Group Engineering team, with the esteemed Studio Vallicelli Design lending their expertise to create an exceptional interior. The primary focus during the creation of this vessel was to offer unparalleled exterior spaces on a yacht of this size, and it certainly delivers. Embracing the raised pilothouse design, the WallyWhy 150 presents an awe-inspiring combination of style and functionality.

Stefano de Vivo, Wally’s Managing Director, shares his insights on the yacht’s innovative design, stating, “Our goal was to anticipate market demands by developing a yacht that would once again be ahead of its time, building upon the innovative features that made the Wally Why200 such a success. With its 24-meter length and 150 GT, the WallyWhy 150 is a flexible yacht, ideal for experienced owners who appreciate the skillful use of space, expansive living areas, and its unmistakable personality.”

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One of the most impressive aspects of the WallyWhy 150 is its unmatched exterior areas.

The upper deck provides an expansive open space, offering ample room for various activities. Here, the lucky owner and guests can relish in a delightful dining setting on the sundeck, luxuriate in the sunbathing area, or unwind in the shaded lounge. With almost the entire length of the boat available outside, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true.

But it doesn’t stop there. The WallyWhy 150 embraces floor-to-ceiling glass, a design element that dominates the vessel and sets it apart from its counterparts.

This creates a seamless blend of the stunning surroundings and the luxurious interiors, blurring the lines between the yacht and the breathtaking marine vistas.

The accommodation on board the WallyWhy 150 is equally remarkable. A master cabin is strategically placed forward on the main deck, reminiscent of the layout found on the Wally Why200. The panoramic views offered by the cabin’s 270-degree windows create a grand “amphitheater of the sea” experience, providing an unparalleled sense of luxury. Additional accommodation can be found on the lower deck, offering a choice between a VIP cabin with a double and twin guest cabin layout or a 2-VIP cabin layout. Regardless of the chosen configuration, the expansive windows flood the staterooms with natural light, creating an airy and modern ambiance.

Luca Bassani, Wally’s Founder and Chief Designer, believes that the simplicity and accessibility of the WallyWhy 150’s layout are its main appeals. He asserts, “It is the simplicity and accessibility of the layout which makes it so appealing to a huge range of clients – it offers the ultimate flexible platform for those looking to expand the horizon of traditional planing-craft usage. This is the first vessel with direct access to the sea at cockpit level with no stairs necessary – it is effectively a floating loft on the water.”

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@WallyWhy 150

The aft deck of the WallyWhy 150 further amplifies the yacht’s versatility. Boasting a large, unencumbered platform, it provides ample space for customization, allowing owners to bring their desired water toys on board. Equipped with a hydraulic multipurpose ladder and a rising platform, this area truly caters to the adventurous spirit of the discerning yacht owner. Not to mention, the yacht has a remarkable tender capacity, accommodating a sizable 3.90-meter (12’8”) tender.

Powering this marvel of engineering are the optional three IPS1350 engines, propelling the WallyWhy 150 to an impressive maximum speed of 23 knots. Alternatively, the standard propulsion of three IPS1200 engines achieves a respectable top speed of 21 knots. No matter the choice, the WallyWhy 150 offers an exhilarating experience on the open water.

The WallyWhy 150 is poised to make its grand international debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.

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