Infinite Aura – the reimagined chandelier controlled via a smartphone app


Ideo x Swarovski Infinite Aura – a unique reimagining of the conventional chandelier. The chandelier comes with a radiance to suit every ambience and time of day. The pre-set moods allow users to adjust their lighting environment at the tap of a button.

Infinite Aura

photos: x ideo

In a unique reimagining of the conventional chandelier, Infinite Aura by Swarovski and Ideo consists of a sleek metal disc that holds a ring of precision-cut Swarovski crystals inside its rim. When illuminated with LEDs, the polished circle creates an extraordinary illusion that sends the crystal reflections into infinity.

Swarovski Infinite Aura collection comprises five lighting fixtures: a pendant light in three sizes and a wall/ceiling light in two sizes. The pendants can be customized with a crystal finial, adding a string of brilliantly faceted crystal salong the pendant chain that create a play of light even when the light is not on.

“Infinite Aura is a lighting experience like no other, inviting you into a world of wonder between reality and illusion. Combining exquisite craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and innovative design, the collection conjures a vision of infinity that celebrates the human imagination and eclipses the ordinary limits of the mind, ” says the crystal maker.

The Infinite Aura collection connects to a bespoke Swarovski Lighting app, ‘Infinite Control’, allowing the user to select from five pre-set ‘moods’ and three pre-set ‘effects’, or to customize their own mood to create their unique lighting environment.

Infinite Aura chandelier

Infinite Aura chandelier versions; photos: x ideo

Infinite Aura app

Infinite Aura chandelier app; photos: x ideo

For added personalization, the Infinite Control app enables users to adapt the lighting to match their mood, whether intimate and cozy or active and stimulating. On a seamless scale within the app, users can easily adjust the ‘temperature’ of the light from cooler white light to warmer yellow light, and the ‘brightness’ of the light
from softer dim light to brighter brilliant light. The LEDs can be dimmed to an impressive 1% and the light temperature can be controlled across the collection from 2700 kelvin up to 6500 kelvin. Once users have discovered their personal preferences, they can save their customized settings and recreate their authentic environment each time they switch on the light.

The sophisticated technology continues with the ‘on/off’ function. When switched on, the light smoothly illuminates to the desired setting, and when switched off, the light gracefully fades out.

“The design process began by reducing the chandelier to its essence- a light source – that then evolved into the final fixture which celebrates crystal through a refined chandelier design. Even when off, the chandelier is a beautiful object on display and an art piece that acts as a grounding element to a space,” added Ideo x
Swarovski Lighting.

Infinite Aura chandelier work of art

Infinite Aura chandelier versions; photos: x ideo