Top 20 most expensive luxury hotels in 2013

Top 20 most expensive hotels around the world.


A couple who wants to spend a night at the North Island Lodge in a remote location in the Seychelles this summer will have to pay an eye-popping $5843 nightly. The luxury lodge in Seychelles has secured the number one spot on the list of the ost expensive hotels of the year. A new survey from revealed this finding after comparing the rates of luxury hotels across the globe. The main summer holiday month of August 2013 served as the basis of comparison.

To reach North Island Lodge on the main island of Mahé travellers must take a 15-minute helicopter ride. The second-place finisher, the Laucala Resort is situated on Fiji’s Laucala Island and a one-night stay at this number two resort averages $5040.

Another five African lodges, four of them safari camps, are found inside the Top 10. Europe’s most expensive hotel is the Cala di Volpe, located in Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda. There a double room averages $2939 during August, thus ranking as the ninth most expensive luxury hotel in the world.


Top 20 most expensive hotels around the world

1. North Island Lodge, Seychelles $5,843 USD per couple Avg. rate/ night;
2. Laucala Resort, Fiji, $5,040 Avg. rate/ night;
3. Khwai River Lodge, Botswana, $4,060 Avg. rate/ night;
4. Savute Elephant Camp, Botswana, $4,020 Avg. rate/ night;
5. Eagle Island Camp & Spa, Botswana, $3,970 Avg. rate/ night;
6. Singita Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania, $3,570 Avg. rate/ night;
7. King Pacific Lodge, Canada, $3,249 Avg. rate/ night;
8. Mnemba Island Lodge, Tanzania, $3,100 Avg. rate/ night;
9. Hotel Cala di Volpe, Italy, $2,939 Avg. rate/ night;
10. Queen Charlotte Lodge, Canada, $2,800 Avg. rate/ night;
11. Le Dune, Forte Village Resort, Italy $2778 Avg. rate/ night;
12. Singita Lebombo Lodge, South Africa $2634 Avg. rate/ night;
13. Four Seasons Tented Camp, Thailand $2470 Avg. rate/ night;
14. The Wakaya Club and Spa, Fiji Islands, $2240 Avg. rate/ night;
15. Maia Luxury Resort & Spa, Seychelles, $2238 Avg. rate/ night;
16. Singita Ebony Lodge, South Africa, $2082 Avg. rate/ night;
17. Canouan Resort, St. Vincent, $2040 Avg. rate/ night;
18. Amankora, Bhutan, $1987 Avg. rate/ night;
19. La Réserve Paris, France, $1929 Avg. rate/ night;
20. Hotel Romazzino, Italy, $1824 Avg. rate/ night.

The rates listed reflect the average nightly price a couple has to spend to stay at each respective resort for the period spanning August 1–31, 2013.