Spa Cheval Blanc Paris reveals a luxury immersion into Dior’s happiness shots



Discover six beauty & wellness suites representing the unique facets of the House of Dior.

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Allow yourself to blossom and renew with Dior’s exclusive bespoke beauty treatments.

Cheval Blanc Paris and the House of Dior is a heartfelt, inspired union. Today, this union gives rise to the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris and one promise: happiness in the heart of Paris with the most bespoke and sublime experience for genuine well-being.

For moments to celebrate all the words that begin with ‘re’ – revitalise, re energise, reinvigorate, rejuvenate.

In an avant-garde approach, each guest is viewed holistically, with consideration for the physical, emotional and psychological wellness. This unprecedented, original experience leaves each person visibly enhanced. And deeply content.

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Six Remarkable Dior Suites
The treatments are performed in six suites, each of which presents a facet of the House of Dior with its stunning décor. With private white onyx bathrooms, each suite is a remarkable place for a magical experience, which gives rise to new emotions. Amongst these six cocoons, the Bonheur Suite features all-new massage beds for a relaxing escape for two, the New Look Suite was designed especially for the six-hand Couture Dream massage, and the Sauvage Suite with its alpha quartz covered massage bed extends an invitation to be at one with Nature…

The Beauty Ambassadeurs combine exclusive Dior manual techniques, such as Dior Tissue Massage and Sensorial Awakening, with cutting-edge technologies.

Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Signature Treatments

The quintessential spirit of the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc is embodied by precious rituals, rolled out in several stages, allowing the skin and the senses to fully flourish for an unforgettable moment. Here, high technology, customised attention and bespoke massages work wonders on well-being and beauty.

Sapphire Crystal Micro-Abrasion is the exclusive, emblematic technology of Dior skincare. A discovery ritual, complete treatment or therapy over one entire month, it keeps its spectacular age-defying promise, no matter which option you choose.

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Exceptional Treatments

Great classics in Dior skincare, these three exceptional treatments are emblematic of the expertise developed by the Beauty Ambassadeurs. Inspired by the collections Dior Prestige and L’Or de Vie, these treatments showcase the extraordinary regenerating power of the Rose de Granville and the infinite longevity of the Yquem vine, associated with a ballet of enveloping motions to fill the skin with both strength and indulgence.

Happiness Shots

The Happiness Shots are concentrated treatments of either 30 or 45 minutes of indulgence and efficacy that can be combined as desired with any other treatment. This original approach enables each treatment on the menu to be customised depending on desires, and to multiply moments of happiness.


In the spirit of a Parisian apartment, the boutique unveils a cosy living room in which each object is a vibrant tribute to Christian Dior’s life. The finest Dior treatment, makeup and perfume sets nestle alongside the very latest Dior Maison collections, flagship Couture accessories and treatments developed especially for Cheval Blanc Paris, such as the Dior Face Baths, the Professional Solutions and the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris Exclusives celebrating the union of the two Maisons. Amongst these Exclusives, the Cheval Blanc Paris perfume, a couture lipstick and satin blush paytribute to the Paris art of living that was so dear to Christian Dior.

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