The award for the wealthiest Hollywood tycoon goes to…

Hollywood’s Richest Movie Personalities revealed by Wealth-X. George Lucas, Arnon Milchan, Steven Spielberg, and Austin Hearst are richest individuals in the American film industry.

George Lucas tops Wealth-X‘s Hollywood Rich List with a fortune of US$5.4 billion, mostly derived from revenue from the Star Wars franchise and the sale of LucasFilm to Disney for US$4 billion in 2012.

Unlike other directors and producers, Lucas, 70, banked on one film idea, directing only six feature films over the course of his career – four of which were Star Wars movies. In contrast, Steven Spielberg – who ranks third on the Wealth-X list with an estimated fortune of US$3.3 billion – has directed more than 30 feature films, including classics such as ET, Jaws and
Jurassic Park.

All 10 individuals on the Wealth-X Hollywood Rich List are male film producers and directors. Collectively, they control more than US$20 billion of personal wealth.

Top richest movie celebrities in Hollywood:

1. George Lucas – Estimated Net Worth: 5,400; Famous Films: Star Wars films;

2. Arnon Milchan – Estimated Net Worth: 5,200; Famous Films: Pretty Woman, 12
Years A Slave;

3. Steven Spielberg – Estimated Net Worth: 3,300; Famous Films: ET, Jaws;

4. Austin Hearst – Estimated Net Worth: 1,900; Famous Films: The Vow;

5. Ryan Kavanaugh – Estimated Net Worth: 1,000; Famous Films: The Social
Network, Little Fockers;

6. Jeffrey Katzenberg – Estimated Net Worth: 910; Famous Films: The Lion King,

7. Thomas Tull – Estimated Net Worth: 870; Famous Films: The Hangover, 300;

8. Jerry Bruckheimer – Estimated Net Worth: 850; Famous Films: Top Gun,
Pirates of The Caribbean;

9. Steve Tisch – Estimated Net Worth: 720; Famous Films: Forrest Gump;

10. James Cameron – Estimated Net Worth: 670; Famous Films: Avatar, Titanic.