Start Fresh With These 6 Mini-Makeover Tips



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We all know the feeling of getting in a rut with your wardrobe and look— you’re tired of looking at the same clothes you’ve had for years, or maybe you want to do something different with your hair. Spicing up your look is a great way to spark your creative side and even learn something about yourself! But we’re here to tell you not to go full on with a Queer Eye makeover style when you’re looking for ways to switch up your look. We’ve got 6 mini-makeover tips to give you just enough of a change to feel recharged, but nothing that will totally derail your signature style.

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1) Swap out your closet

Tired of seeing the same neutral tones and oversized sweater you’ve been wearing for months in your uniform-like closet? While buying all new clothes isn’t necessarily possible for many of us, there are plenty of ways you can refresh your wardrobe, even if you’re working on a budget. Try trading your designer clothes and unique pieces at a clothing resale store like Buffalo Exchange. This way, you can give your great pieces a new life while scoring something new for yourself too!

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2) Snag a new pair of frames

Had the same pair of glasses for years? Maybe it’s time for something new— even if you don’t wear prescription lenses!  Snag a pair of fashionable clear lens sunglasses that double as sunnies and a day to day accessory. A great pair of glasses can frame your face in the best light and even create a more polished, refined look.

This is your version of a good time—and it starts as soon as you open your makeup bag

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3) Try a new makeup trend

It’s easy to get locked into a daily makeup routine. First comes foundation, then some light contouring, eyes, and then a neutral lip. While it’s great to know what looks best on you, there’s something to be said about trying something new! Have you been dying to try shimmery eyeshadow or super shiny lips? Go for it! Check out Glossier’s new makeup line, Glossier Play and have some fun with your look! The best part about makeup is removable. So if you try out a funky eyeliner or bold lip color and it just isn’t “you,” that’s okay. You can always go back to what you feel most comfortable in!

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4) Add some ink

Not quite ready to commit to that half-sleeve just yet? See if “ink” is really right for you by testing the waters with a realistic temporary tattoo. Whether or not you decide to go for the real deal, it’s fun to experiment with styles outside of your regular lineup and plus it’s a fun game to trick your colleagues, friends, or even your parents— though your parents may be relieved to know it’s only temporary.

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5) Get some style inspo

If your wardrobe is totally lacking creativity, seek out some resources to gather inspiration. Whether you follow different fashion hashtags on Instagram or steal some looks from street style icons, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So don’t be afraid to do some style-stalking to figure out what your next purchase or runway look is going to look like.

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6) Have fun with your hairstyle

Everyone’s had that moment where you’re like— to get bangs or not to get bangs? Whether you’re going through a full-on fashion revival or just want a momentary change, reshaping your ‘do or going for a different color has a huge impact on your overall look. But change is also scary… so instead of committing to a totally new hairstyle, opt for something less permanent! Dye your hair pink, purple, blue, or even orange with semi-permanent hair color. If you’re looking for a bold way to experiment with your style — this one’s it. You can go for just about any color in the rainbow but always return to your natural, signature look.

In conclusion

Variety is the spice of life! Whether you decide to try out a new hairstyle, add some real or faux ink, or just add some new accessories to your wardrobe, it’s important to change up your routine if you want to express your creative side. The most important part though is going for whatever look you feel most confident in! Combine your signature look with one of our tips and you’ll never be bored with your look again!

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