Seasons are supposed to change, but they are not supposed to change life on earth




Add the Seasons to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Outdoor clothing brand, Bergans of Norway, together with WWF Norway, has launched an initiative to ‘Save the Seasons’ in a bid to have them added as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

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Temples, Stonehenge, pyramids and… seasons? The global seasons should be considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

Seasons are changing affecting whole ecosystems. Seasons are supposed to change, but they are not supposed to change life on earth.

Everything previously included on UNESCO’s World Heritage list is either a physical object, building or city. Bergans and WWF Norway state the changing seasons affect and threaten much of what is on the list, yet, aren’t considered in the preservation of these sites or as a heritage for future generations.

“The seasons are the very foundation of life, which in turn is directly linked to our cultural heritage. The seasons must, therefore, be declared as worthy of conservation as much as a physical object,” says Karoline Andaur, head of WWF Norway.

To be included on the World Heritage list, sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten criteria. Bergans and WWF Norway believe that our seasons meet nine of these and are now calling upon all global citizens and governments to sign a petition to help save the most important heritage of all.

The campaign is a statement saying that cultures, buildings and areas are in danger because of climate change. A statement saying that by destroying our environment, we are also damaging our heritage.

The seasons control natural processes, from mating, pollen, rain, drought, and weather. If the bees wake up too late for the blossom, it’s disastrous for both them and the plants. This is just one of many signs that the seasons are under threat.

“For us, this is essentially about preserving nature for future generations. Bergans has existed for 112 years out of our love for the outdoors. The rhythm of nature is in the process of being disturbed and entire ecosystems will be destroyed. Animals, plants, and humans are at risk of losing the basic conditions they require for life, and the cultural heritage of the world is under threat,” said Jan Tore Jensen, CEO Bergans of Norway.