Planet’s most expensive technology department launched with a Globe-Trotter Fujifilm X-Pro1 exclusive case

Harrods Technology launched with a Globe-Trotter Fujifilm X-Pro1 exclusive case

London’s Harrods celebrates its new 22,000 square foot technology department with a Globe-Trotter Fujifilm X- Pro1 case. Only 12 of the cases will be available – each costing a staggering £5,695. The “Globe-Trotter case” includes the Fuji X-Pro1 grand compact system camera, three lenses (18mm, 35mm and 60mm), accessories and a briefcase made from ‘vulcanised fibreboard’

The X-Pro1 marries incredible photographic performance with classic design. We have long been a fan of Globe -Trotter’s stunning range of cases so we are delighted to be collaborating with them for this worldwide exclusive for Harrods,” said David Bland, product manager at Fujifilm.

Harrods plans to offer some of the most expensive technology products available on Earth: a Hasselblad camera for £24,000, Beats Studio headphones plated in 24ct gold for £1,489, an iPod “dock” by Jean Michel Jarre for £300,000, a Focal Grande Utopia EM loudspeaker for £120,000, a TV set by Panasonic for £600,000, as well as gold and diamond-encrusted iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.