Explore with pencil and color: artistic travel books unveiled by Louis Vuitton

2013 Louis Vuitton Travel Books

15 years after the launch of its stylish guides, Louis Vuitton launches new arty travel book series. World’s most interesting illustrators and artists will bring their vision on travel destinations. The first art travel guides are reserved to Paris, Easter Island, New York, Vietnam and Venice. The first four books are available worldwide for €45, while the special numbered and signed limited-edition version with original works by the artists is sold for €2000.

Congolese painter Chéri Samba explores Paris, American Daniel Arsham invites the readers for a trip to Easter Island, while New York is revealed by French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme. Artist Jiro Taniguchi will illustrate Venice in manga-style, while Italian comic book author Lorenzo Mattotti will invite readers to unseen Vietnam.

In February, Louis Vuitton launched ‘The Trunk‘ (published by Gallimard), a book dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s travel luggage. Eleven French writers flex their creative writing skills around the stories of trunks, luggage and travel from the Louis Vuitton family archives.