Nerea Yacht NY24 Deluxe – a real luxury yacht cruiser on a reduced scale



NY24 Deluxe is, in fact, a highly personalized boat, made with the attentive care, stylistic research and production features of a tailored garment, of a unique piece made-to-measure.

Nerea Yacht NY24 boats-

Nerea Yacht NY24 boats;

NY24 is a beauty to possess and a joy to drive

Nerea Yacht participates for a second time in a row at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. The boat show is representing, for over half a century, an essential event for all the fans of the vast northern European territory.

After the great success of its first appearance last year, Nerea Yacht boat boutique will be back in Germany with its most elegant and sophisticated version, the Deluxe. Nerea Yachts NY24 is offering plentiful customization options, so as to make it a real luxury yacht cruiser on a reduced scale.

Signed by the Italian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of ideaeITALIA, the original day cruiser is the quintessence of modern but timeless design, elegant finishes and great liveability of spaces able to satisfy, in just 7,35 meters of length, the most sophisticated yachtsmen searching for a boat with small dimensions but which cannot go unnoticed.

Nerea Yacht NY24 boats

Nerea Yacht NY24 boats;

Alongside the Deluxe version, two new variants of this model are the GT and the LIMO.

NY24 GT is the perfect day cruiser for sunbathing and day trips, also suitable as a weekender to spend an overnight on board. NY24 GT is a fun and gritty motorboat, a sea roadster that offers high performances combined with perfect manoeuvrability and that pleasant feeling of wind in the hair.

NY24 Limo, the third solution proposed for this high-end boat model, is aimed in particular at owners looking for tenders of the same stylistic level of their superyacht: a real walkaround which, while maintaining the clean and stylish lines of the original model, is presented without a forward bridge and without cabin; an all-open boat that, thanks to its construction height, intentionally kept low, is perfectly suited to easily enter into the garage of large motoryachts.

Whatever the favourite version, NY24 is a boat devoted to exclusivity, refinement, harmony of shapes and colours, richness of materials and high-end finishings, a synthesis that offers a wide customization.

NY24 was moulded and built in the Nerea Yacht facilities near Fano. The Marche region boasts one of the most respectful yachting industries in the world, with highly specialized craftsmen and unmatched know-how.

NY24’s exquisite Italian design and advanced technology are not limited to aesthetic and functional features, the company is also sensitive to ecological issues. For this reason an innovative material has been chosen for the boat finishings, called Oltremateria: it’s water-based, re-proof, breathable, frost-proof, resistant, flexible, recyclable, free from cements, epoxy resins and therefore in complete respect for the environment.

Nerea Yacht - There is only you and the infinite horizon

There is only you and the infinite horizon;