Lynx 34 YXT – a support vessel built to handle extensive rugged adventures



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Lynx Yachts’ platform enables you to do almost anything and go anywhere in the world without compromise.

The YXT 34 by Lynx Yachts offers a wide range of possibilities for use and customisation, and is available in two distinct versions. The YXT 34 PLUS is an elegant vessel that can be matched in finish and furniture to its mothership, while the YXT SPORT is a support vessel built to handle extensive rugged adventures and meets the demands of such heavy-duty usage.

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Dutch yacht builder Lynx Yachts unveiled the 34m Lynx 34 YXT yacht support vessel in the rugged version YXT 34 Sport and YXT 34 Plus. Both yacht versions retain the quality, flexibility and performance of the YXT 24 Evolution and include a 145-square-metre open deck for the stowage of more, and larger, tenders and toys.

As the name suggests, the YXT 34 SPORT is intended for active owners and offers numerous possibilities above and below deck, packaged within a strong and masculine looking exterior. Finished with a non-slip, hardwearing surface — is an area of endless possibility with 145-square-meters that can be configured to an owner’s specific needs. This space can accommodate a large RIB, limo tender, four Wave Runners and a submarine all at the same time. Alternatively, the main deck can hold a large container for spare parts alongside a compliment of tenders and toys.

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The main deck can be viewed from above within the wheelhouse, which offers 360-degree views. This viewing platform is ideal for navigation and manoeuvring within tight marinas. The additional length of the YXT 34 over its smaller sisterships allows for a knuckle boom crane, with a lifting capacity of 15.2-tonnes at a reach of 3.5-metres and 4.2-tonnes at a reach of 11.4-metres.

Below deck are two 14.5-square-metre rooms that can be adapted to meet an owner’s needs. In its current laundry room layout, these rooms include an ironing station, three laundry machines and tumble dryers along with large fridge and freezer units for additional cool storage. A 62-square-metre lazarette aft of the engine room allows additional storage for inflatable toys, surf, canoe and scuba diving equipment.

Crossover 27 by @Lynx Yachts


This March, the Dutch yacht builder announced the sale of a brand new model, which has just been signed and is due for delivery in 2022.

“It is the first project of a new yacht category, that we have conceived to respond to a growing market demand in recent years for an intermediate model between an explorer and a support vessel,” said Lynx Yachts.

It has resulted in the birth of the Crossover 27 by Lynx Yachts, the first yacht of our new Crossover Series which combines the large and comfortable spaces of a typical yacht such as the ADVENTURE 29 and the special features of a shadow vessel like the YXT 24 Evolution.

This brand new yacht, with a length of 27.4-metres and a beam of 7.1–metres, has been designed to meet the needs of a very sporty owner who loves water sports. She offers large space and great practicality to carry all the toys and amenities an owner would want, as well as provides more space and comfort to live onboard with family and friends for long periods. Additional features include a beach platform and other areas that provide direct access to the sea.

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