Louis Vuitton to rejoin the Paris’ Place Vendôme exclusive club of jewellers

Louis Vuitton to unveil a jewellery studio in Paris’ Place Vendôme

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton will open a boutique and jewellery studio on Paris’ Place Vendôme this spring and is preparing its first perfume, the label’s head Yves Carcelle told AFP.

“In April we will have our own jewellery workshop and in May will will open our boutique in the same building,” Carcelle said during the inauguration of the “Maison Rome Etoile,” Louis Vuitton’s new shop in the eternal city.

Yves Carcelle said there was no timetable yet for the perfume launch — and revelled in the fact that luxury meant not having to bow to pressure.

“We just at the beginning. We’ve recruited the famous ‘nose’, Jacques Cavallier, and we are in the final phase of buying a country house in Grasse,” on the French Riviera, where the perfume laboratory will be built, he said.

Chief executive of Louis Vuitton did not want to say how many new Louis Vuitton boutiques will open in 2012, but he did say that “the two new frontiers will be the opening of a shop in Amman in Jordan and another in September in Almaty, in Kazakhstan.”