Just Rémy: First Rémy Martin’s luxury capsule is focused on basketball culture


The Collector’s Series: Rémy Martin is uniting the world of luxury and lifestyle through collaborations with various artists and style icons.

With a focus on basketball culture for the “Just Rémy” collection, premium spirits producer Rémy Martin and streetwear designer and cultural icon Don C present luxury basketball essentials that double as timeless lifestyle pieces that are essential beyond the court. The Limited-Edition, co-branded collaboration features the 1738 Sneaker Box, and a collection of luxury apparel and accessories.

The “Just Remy” collection celebrates the fashion and luxury components of basketball culture and creates an all- encompassing experience before and after game time. The first in the “Just Rémy” collection to release is the 1738 Sneaker Box, patterned intricately with Just Don’s iconic snake skin detailing and featuring a bottle of premium Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal with branded “Just Rémy” sneaker laces.

Just Remy Collection debut 2018

Just Remy Collection debut; images: remymartin.com

Rémy Martin’s presence at the crossroads of luxury and lifestyle has drawn inspiration for the “The Collector’s Series.”

Each capsule collection in the series will feature a different brand at the intersection of sport, design and lifestyle, in collaboration with Rémy Martin, to create a lifestyle movement bred by culture.

“Rémy Martin has been a cultural icon for me and my community growing up on the southside of Chicago, and I’m honored to partner with a brand that has been such a big part of my history,” said designer Don C. “This project allowed me to effortlessly integrate my passion points and personal style to a collection that is unique to Rémy Martin. Throughout this creative process, our brands consistently remained inspirations to one another and this ‘Just Rémy’ collection is truly a one-of-a-kind showcase for both Rémy Martin and Just Don.”

“For the debut of the series, Don C was a perfect fit as an artist whose creative processes and ability to craft, premium, signature pieces aligned seamlessly with the spirit that moves Rémy Martin; we look forward to revealing the rest of the collection in the coming months,” said Sarah Long, Chief Marketing Officer of Rémy Cointreau Americas.

The multiple piece collection will stretch from now through February with a new item released in a new market each month.

Rémy Martin Announces Luxury Capsule “Just Rémy” Collection, in Partnership with Just Don Designer Don C

Rémy Martin Announces Luxury Capsule “Just Rémy” Collection, in Partnership with Just Don Designer Don C; images: remymartin.com

Just Remy Collection

Just Remy Collection debut; images: remymartin.com