Jeep’s New Supercar SUV: The World’s Most Practical Supercar



Practical, luxury cars are few and far between, but Jeep’s brand new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the perfect combination. Jeep are well known for their big cars, offering comfortability which are ideal for sports and off-road purposes. The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk on the other hand, are offering the ideal mix between the speed and luxury of a sportscar and the practicality of a traditional Jeep. Here, we’re taking a closer look at what this vehicle offers.

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk interior

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep

What’s It Like?

If you want the perfect combination of America’s two loves (powerful muscle cars and large SUVs), then the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the perfect choice for you. With a powerful V8 upfront combined with a 5.2 litre unit and 2.4 litre IHI supercharger, this machine is certain to leave your passengers in awe.

Faster Than A Ferrari 488

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is said to be the fastest SUV in the world, and actually has more power than a Ferrari 488. In this particular car, you can enjoy 697bhp at 6000rpm. There’s also 645lb ft of torque with top speed sitting at 180mph (mainly due to its huge size and weight). However, this car can reach 0-62 in just 3.7 seconds, faster than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo (3.9 seconds), BMW X5M (4.2 seconds) and the Audi SQ7 (4.9 seconds), with the ability to reach 100mph in just 8.8 seconds.

If you’re looking to reach this astonishing speed, then you will need to activate launch control in order to remain in complete control of the vehicle. This will also give you 6psi of boost when you’re pulling away, further helping you to achieve maximum acceleration. With 11.6sec quarter mile, you can be screeching from the blocks in ultimate comfort with this SUV.

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk in nature

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk interior-

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep

The Appearance

You’d never know the difference between a regular Grand Cherokee and the Trackhawk just by looking at its exterior other than the bright yellow brake calipers. The inside however, is of a much higher standard with leather seats and a lot of leg room in the rear. While it’s not necessarily exceptionally classy, there’s plenty of comfort to be found in this particular vehicle.

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk in action

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep

Overall Feel

A large number of reviews of the Trackhawk state that while the car is fast, it is not what is expected from a car with a large V8 engine in the front. The overall feel of the car is smooth and handling is far more manageable than expected. It turns well even at some of the higher speeds and for a big, bulk SUV, its cornering is almost faultless. With excellent levels of stability, and a high standard of practicality when compared to your standard sportscar, this really is the perfect combination.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk uses clever alchemy of some of the world’s most in demand vehicles to deliver the perfect mix. Set to be available both in America and in the UK, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is set to make significant waves in the SUV and the luxury car markets.

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk interior photos

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk ext

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep

Grand Cherokee optional equipment

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk; photos: jeep