Your Complete Guide to Restaurant Booth Seating


The arrangements of the seats in a restaurant is extremely important. A lot of people might be interested to go inside when the layout looks appealing. Of course, people have different preferences when it comes to their dining places. Others prefer eating in a place that looks elegant and formal. There are also those who would rather stay in a simpler and more rustic-themed restaurant.

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Regardless of the people you want to appeal to, there are certain tips to remember when it comes to layout to ensure that people are comfortable while eating. This is true especially when you have chosen booths as seats.

They are generally large. They work well only for restaurants that are spacious. You are also targeting diners who are arriving in groups. You need to arrange these tables and chairs well to ensure comfort of everyone who comes in to dine.

There must be enough space

It is important to not pack the restaurant with tables and chairs just to accommodate more customers at once. This is true especially if you are choosing booths. You must accept the fact that when you opt for restaurant booth seating, you won’t have a lot of tables available. The general rule is that there must be at least 24 inches of space in between the corners of two tables. There might also be some other laws affecting your area that you have to know.

Use dividers

If you opt for booths as seats, your main selling point is privacy. You can take it to another level by using dividers. They are perfect in making sure that people have more privacy when they speak with each other. Even restaurants that don’t use booths could also take advantage of dividers. They can be just a half-wall divider to allow people to dine without getting disturbed.

Try sitting in every seat

When dining, people are not just looking at their food. They also look at the people they are dining with. In some cases, they try looking around. Therefore, you need to see to it that their view from that seat is good enough. The kitchen is not necessarily a good view. Try rotating the tables a bit so they won’t have to see what is going on inside the kitchen.

Don’t settle for less

You are already spending quite a lot of money for booth seating. You might as well go for the best quality and top brands out there. Don’t just settle for cheap booths that are difficult to maintain and could easily get damaged. You are already spending a lot to let this business take off. You don’t want to spend your money for future repair problems.

Another tip is to look at the material in which your booth seats are made of. Some booths come with fabric covers. If this is your choice, make sure that it is treated with stain resisters. Anything can happen in a restaurant and there could be spills all the time.

Cleaning the booths should be easier. Leathered seats are a great choice. The people working in the restaurant should find it easy to clean the place for before the next group comes in.

In many ways, restaurant booth seating is good choice. It allows you to maximise the space that you have and make all your customers feel comfortable. You just have to arrange the chairs well so that you can accommodate more people without sacrificing their comfort as they dine. Take your time in choosing the best seats.