An All-Italian Sparkling Experiece: Pininfarina leaves its mark on the bottle of a iconic prosecco



A sparkling wine that needs no exceptional circumstances to make it stand out.

Pininfarina’s has completed the restyling of Zonin Cuvée 1821. Zonin had focused on Prosecco with great pride and determination even before it became the international phenomenon of the past ten years.

For Zonin, Prosecco is an accessible, authentic, Italian luxury. Zonin has completed the restyling of Cuvée 1821 thanks to a collaboration with Pininfarina. The circular shape is a symbol of inclusiveness, socialization and humanity.

The Zonin name has been linked to viticulture for almost two hundred years and has always interpreted the present and envisaged the future of wine. Zonin1821 is one of the most important family-owned wineries in Italy. To date, Zonin Prosecco is one of the brands that drives the success of Prosecco on the most important international markets, where it maintains both leading and leadership positions.

Cuvée 1821 is the product that most fully represents the sparkling soul of Zonin, enabling the brand to create a very strong bond with wine lovers from all over the world. It is the ‘Sparkling Experience’ as it really shouldbe: authentic, Italian, open to the world, but above all the perfect companion for the most significant moments in our lives.

This cuvée embodies a 200-year-old traditions and represents the on-going quest for perfection in the art of sparkling wine production using the Charmat Method.


“The distinctive characteristic of Zonin and Pininfarina is the profound bond they have forged between past and future. The secret of the success of these two outstanding Italian companies is that they are both firmly rooted in tradition, creating a solid base from which to look to the future and innovate. The design of the new bottle of Cuvèe 1821 arises precisely from this continuity within discontinuity. The vertical line drawn on the glass becomes an iconic and recognisable element, but it also represents the concrete and exact line of travel that has made Zonin a benchmark brand in the Prosecco sector,” said Paolo Pininfarina, President of Pininfarina.

Inspired by the principle ‘to each region its traditions, to each region its wine’, since the end of the1960s the family has selected only supremely-suited terroirs, bringing the sum total of currently cultivated vineyards to approximately 2000 hectares. The on-site team is made up of 32 winemakers and agronomists operating across 12 estates located in the 7 most outstanding Italian winegrowing regions, in addition to the American estate of Barboursville Vineyards in Virginia (USA) and the Chilean estate of Dos Almas.

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