How to choose a Habano. The Lighting ritual



Habanos reveals the main criteria for choosing a Habano cigar and the importance of the lighting ritual.

It is said that Havana smells of Habanos, and the fact is that the city hosts the most important Habanos festival in the world – and it is home to some of the most illustrious factories producing this product made Totalmente a Mano con – Totally handmade with Long Filler.

The Lighting ritual of Habano cigar 2019

The Lighting ritual of Habano cigar;

It takes four of the five senses to choose a Habano (Protected Appellations of Origin (A.O.P.); or as the most knowledgeable claim, all five, because if you bring the cigar close to your ear, the Habano emits a unique sound as you roll it. The smell is surely the most outstanding feature – as pleasant before lighting it, as it is during the lighting and smoking. The selection of a Habano, the way in which it is cut, lit and smoked, are all decisions that depend solely and exclusively on the personal preferences of each person for their own enjoyment.

The Co-Presidents of Habanos, S.A., the world leader in the marketing of these premium cigars through its 27 brands, believe that undoubtedly the time available is the most relevant criterion to select a Habano, one of the world’s most premium cigars.

According to Inocente Núñez, Co-President of Habanos S.A, there are “two important aspects” when choosing a Habano, “The time we have available and the time of day we are going to be enjoying it.” The time could be from twenty minutes to an hour and twenty minutes.
Once the length of time has been determined, a very personal aspect comes into play, choosing the flavour. There are five flavour territories and these are mild, mild-medium, medium, medium-strong and strong.

When selecting a Habano, consumers can also bear in mind other characteristics such as its measurements, included in the vitola, “This refers to the shape of the Habano, its length, and what we call the ring gauge, which is the diameter of the cigar,” says Núñez.

The Lighting ritual of Habano

The Lighting ritual of Habano;

The Lighting Ritual. Why it is important for a cigar enthusiast.

The lighting ritual is very important to later enjoy the Habano. The Co-Presidents of Habanos, S.A. Inocente Núñez and Luis Sánchez-Harguindey, recommend lighting the Habano with a cedar stick, “Since it provides a fantastic aroma and smell.” In addition, “You always have to light it from the outside in taking great care not to make the Habano smoky,” highlights Alexis Menéndez, Havana’s Cohiba Atmosphere Habanosommelier.

Once lit, the Habano is very versatile and can be paired with spirits such as rum, beer or a good wine, tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

The year 2019 began with the opening of the new Casa Del Habano in Casablanca, Morocco, followed by the announcement of two new Habanos Specialists in Ukraine, and the opening of the third Casa del Habano in Naples, Italy, after La Casa del Habano in Milan and Rome.

The Tabaccheria Sisimbro, based in Naples, has become part of the Habanos Family for all purposes, offering its historical and special products and its great experience available to the Habanos lovers.

Habanos also announced a new Habanos Terrace in Larnaca, Cyprus, and the opening of The Enoteka Pergamin, the first Habanos Lounge in Krakow, Poland.

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