Florida-Based Private Jet Company Expands Fleet With Most Powerful Jets To Date

These new Two G2+ Vision Jets are Demonstrating Growth And Commitment to Luxury Travel.


The AI-Powered Air Taxi Service Elevated It’s Fleet With The Addition of Two G2+ Vision Jets.

Verijet, a private jet company, and AI-Powered Air Taxi Service announced the launch of two new aircraft: a twin set of next-generation G2+ Vision Jets, bringing in more power and range to its fleet.

Founded in late 2020, Verijet is making flying private more available to more people in more places than ever before. Verijet is a technology company that has morphed into air mobility – revolutionizing private aviation through the power of AI and large-scale computing combined with the most innovative, advanced, and safest jet in the air today.

The G2+ Vision Jets are equipped with a more powerful engine than previous models, allowing better performance in challenging airports and more extended distances. The newly optimized engine provides up to 20% increased performance during take-off. Continuing to place convenience and comfort as a key element in the brand’s ethos, the new G2+ Vision Jets include all the same quality features as the older models.

Since its launch in late 2020, Verijet has tripled its fleet since its launch in late 2020. Verijet empowers travelers to fly whenever they choose, depart from airports closest to their home or office, and arrive closer to their final destination, reducing travel time and providing carbon-neutral travel while flying safely. Additionally, Verijet’s planes permit travel in areas of higher temperatures and elevations.

Verijet planes now service the Southeast and West Coast regions of the US, with additional trips to The Bahamas.

How to become a Leader in Sustainable Aviation Today. Here are four answers from Verijet:

Reducing the carbon and noise pollution of private air travel has always been a key part of Verijet’s mission. Despite still being a young startup, the private jet company is ahead of the curve in creating sustainable operations.

– Fuel Efficient Jets
The Cirrus Vision Jet is the most fuel-efficient in its class, using just 1/4 the fuel of other light jets.

– Sustainable Fuels
The jets are capable of using sustainable aviation fuels, which significantly reduces carbon emissions.

As the availability of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) increases, Verijet said it plans to replace current jet fuel with SAFs as quickly as possible.
The use of biofuels can reduce carbon emissions by over 80%.

– Lower Emissions
Lower emissions by optimizing flight routes and flying to/from regional airports to reduce ground and air travel distances.

– Reduced Noise
The Cirrus Vision Jet is the quietest jet today, and the reason Verijet’s call sign is “Whisper Jet.”