Fenty Cameo honoring a new, contemporary heroine



Fenty unveiled its new collection inspired by the beautiful antique jewel : the cameo.

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020-02

Fenty Cameo Collection; @feny; @instagram.com/fenty/; photographer Ruth Ossai

This new collection from LVMH’s Fenty shows how the cameo can be the symbol of fearlessness, elevation, creativity and joy, that being all the special features of the new high-end Maison.

Cameos have found their place as prized, meaningful works of art, from Ancient times through to the Renaissance and Neo-classical periods, and beyond. They’ve elevated universal tales of love, loss and magic, to portraits and mythical figures.

For the launching of the new jewelry collection, black women have been gathered to wear proudly these jewels in front of the Nigerian photographer Ruth Ossai who captured the moment and highlighted the beauty of both women and cameos. This is a way for Fenty to honor a new contemporary heroine.

“The Cameo is an emblem of fearlessness, elevation, creativity and joy — everything FENTY stands for. More than a sisterhood, FENTY is a coming together of powerful women. The Cameo is part of our legacy,” said the fashion brand.

Made of rings, pendants and earrings, the collection celebrates new standards of beauty through ancient craft of cameo jewelry. The pieces are presented in a series of family portraits. Oval-shaped, embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals, the luxuriously embossed jewel frames the profile of a singular, young, black woman.

Fenty BFA 2019

@british fashion awards 2019

Last week, Fenty won the 2019 Urban Luxe award y at the British Fashion Awards 2019.

“Thank you to the British Fashion Council for this wonderful opportunity which means so much to me as a young black woman. This is a great achievement for our brand,” said Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020-04

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020; @fenty.com/; print screen @instagram.com/fenty/

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020-

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020; @fenty.com/;

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020-01

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020; @fenty.com/; @instagram.com/fenty

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020

Fenty Cameo Collection 2020; @fenty.com/;