A French startup working on Artificial Intelligence is the winner of the 2017 LVMH Innovation Award

And the inaugural LVMH Innovation Award winner is… Heuritech. Congratulations to this French startup working on Artificial Intelligence! The team has been awarded on the main stage by Bernard Arnault and Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer, LVMH.

Heuritech launched an Ai solution for Fashion & Beauty. This first virtual assistant for product designers and a cutting-edge text and image recognition program for Luxury, Fashion, and Beauty empowers fashion e-retailers to bridge the gap between social and commerce. Which style is going to become a hit? When is the right time to bet on it? Which color is emerging in China? Heuritech seems to have these answers.

the inaugural LVMH Innovation Award winner is... Heuritech! Arnault at LVMH luxury lab Viva Tech 2017

“We trained our cutting-edge deep learning technology to identify hundreds of details inside fashion images.This technology enables us to detect emerging product buzzes on Instagram and to highlight them in real-time in your e- store,” explains the heuritech’s team their functioning algorithms.

Products, shapes, color shades, patterns, styles… The cutting-edge image recognition solution helps you confirm your intuitions and quantify them, capturing the details inside millions of images posted online each day. You can now detect emerging product buzzes at their premises and value them on a website.

With modules like Online buzz, Trending topics, Moodboard and Silhouettes, the virtual assistant provides you with qualitative & quantitative client segmentation, worldwide product insights and a complete user profiling.

“Monitor your catalog data in one place – with our dedicated platform, you have a 360º overview on what is happening on your e-commerce. Keep an eye on your latest collection’s health, the buzzing tags and the upcoming trends while the machine pushes your product smartly,” adds heuritech’s team.

The 32 startups shortlisted as finalists for the LVMH Innovation Award were featured at the 2017 Atelier LVMH. Presentations and pitch sessions to professionals and the public culminated in the announcement of the LVMH Innovation Award winner and the winner of the Public Award.

Throughout the three-day Viva Technology event the 32 startups shortlisted to compete for the LVMH Innovation Award had the chance to present their solutions to a broad audience at the 2017 Atelier LVMH. The event let them boost their profile, promote their innovation and connect with other startups. Three days of intensive activity stimulated fresh thinking and innovative initiatives. Shortlisted by a jury of experts, the finalist startups had five minutes to pitch their business model and vision of innovation.

Viva Tech 2017 Innovation award by LVMH luxury group the inaugural LVMH Innovation Award winner is... Heuritech- LVMH luxury lab Viva Tech 2017- Heuritech is attending #VivaTech 2017 Heuritech AI automatic-tagging-heuritech