102-metre Sinot-designed Balance superyacht: A design which operates in a virtuous circle


British naval architecture firm Lateral Naval Architects revealed the 102-metre Sinot-designed superyacht concept Balance.

balance superyacht

photos: sinot.com

Balance is, indeed, at the very heart of this new super vessel which debuted at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show. Developed in collaboration with Sinot and Oceanco, Project “Balance” by Lateral Naval Architects showcases technical innovation for real-world benefits: more space, increased efficiency and exceptional performance.

The 102-metre Project “Balance” is based on Oceanco’s proven LIFE platform – an optimised, sleek hull delivering fuel efficiency, environmentally conscious solutions and technical innovation.

On board, Project “Balance” accommodates 14 guests across several generous staterooms, including four double suites on the lower deck, two VIP apartments on the main deck and an impressive owner’s facilities on the dedicated owner’s deck. Her clean, architectural lines come from the drawing boards of Sinot, who has incorporated large glass windows into her profile as well as introduced expansive outdoor spaces to create a perfect balance between indoor
and outdoor.

Explaining the engineering design philosophy behind the project, Lateral’s Managing Director, James Roy, states that as the name implies, balance is, indeed, at the very heart of the vessel.

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photos: sinot.com

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photos: sinot.com

“We do not live in a linear world,” Lateral’s Managing Director, James Roy explained. “The world is in balance, our earth and its ecology act as a coordinated system to maintain the balance of nature and a state of equilibrium.

Balance is the inspiration for the project. Project “Balance” is a yacht with a natural balance of proportion, form and space – achieved by taking inspiration from the laws of nature and asking new questions.

Oceanco’s LIFE platform is developed in collaboration with Lateral, and leverages fundamental naval architectural principles to deliver a design which operates in a virtuous circle; less weight, less power and less technical space in turn driving the need for a lower overall gross tonnage and afford a better balance of technical and luxury space on board. This virtuous circle results in being able to select a lower engine block series, which in turns means a significant reduction in the vertical height required in main machinery spaces. At the centre of the virtuous circle is the result; a single tier engine room.

Lateral’s Principal Naval Architect explains the immediate benefits of a single tier engine room, Alex Meredith Hardy: “Where conventional designs of this size would employ a full height engine room, Project “Balance” can utilise a single tier design to deliver more benefits to the owner. The single tier engine room at the heart of the LIFE platform delivers greater accommodation and lifestyle space, more flexibility in layout, and, ultimately, a yacht of perfect balance.”

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Coupled with a hybrid propulsion system featuring twin 16V2000M72 engines @ 1440kW, Project “Balance” delivers exceptional performance and is configured to offer multiple operational modes, each matched to the variable operating profile of a yacht designed to adventure autonomously across the world’s oceans. She boasts a range of 5,300 nm, a cruising speed of 16 knots, and a top speed of 18.5 knots.

Speaking of the exterior design, Sinot states: “With a 102-metre length and nicely balanced superstructure, the yachts’ appearance lives up to her name. Teak detailing in the ceilings, the stern and on the side grills offer a warm and pleasant demeanour. From the beach club up to the observatory, the five decks provide vast space for outdoor activities, lounging and dining – with the main deck featuring a 10-metre pool and an outside cinema found on the bridge deck. On the lower deck, the efficient single-level engine room creates a very spacious area for the stunning open beach club, the laguna lounge, a large gym and a fully equipped spa with sauna. In short, Project “Balance” is the perfect family yacht; her innovative layout and design will set the new standard for future generations.”

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