World’s largest and most detailed atlas on sale for $100,000

Millennium House publishes world’s largest atlas

Museums and libraries around the world have put an eye on a monster Atlas, the 6 ft-tall Earth Platinum from Australian publisher Millennium House. The book that is the world’s tallest Atlas (6ft × 4 ½ feet), took around a month to produce and is now on sale for a price tag of $100,000. Assembly process of the colossal atlas available in just 31 items required 4 years of work, 88 cartographers, 24 photographers, plus a team of computer scientists and geographers.

Earth Platinum can be also named one the most detailed atlas, as it features 128 pages of maps, flags, panoramic pictures of famous sites collaged together from 1,000 individual pictures and the locations of ship wrecks.

“It’s all about creating a legacy,” Millennium House founder Gordon Cheers, told AFP. “Today, everything is digital and it’s gone in a second. This will still be around in 500 years.”

As far as he knows, no one else is producing books on this scale. I think we’re the only ones crazy enough,” said Gordon Cheers, who fulfilled his dream of a lifetime. He worked for British publishing giants Penguin and Random House, but neither company was interested in his colossal project, so Cheers left to found his own publishing house.

The only atlas that can make a sort of competition for Earth Platinum is the Klencke atlas, produced in 1660 as a gift for Charles II of Englandon the occasion of his Restoration.