Volkswagen Classic presenting five famous vehicles at 2019 Classic Days at Schloss Dyck



Six decades of Volkswagen history with the “Mille Miglia” Beetle, the VW-Porsche 914/4 and the Volkswagen W12
Record-breaking electric race car ID.R making its first appearance at the historic circuit;

Volkswagen Classic 2019

Volkswagen Classic 2019;

Volkswagen Classic is presenting five automotive highlights during the 2019 Classic Days at Schloss Dyck: the race-proven “Mille Miglia” Beetle, the VW-Porsche 914/4 celebrating its anniversary, and the record-breaking W12 Nardo. The “World Champion” Beetle also represents the pinnacle of performance in the world of Volkswagen, while the Apal Buggy provides plenty of summer driving fun.

From 2nd to 4th August 2019, the moated castle of Dyck in Jüchen, Lower Rhine, is hosting a unique classic car and motor festival. The 14th edition of the Classic Days is expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors – offering a colourful, hands-on experience of automotive history, atmospheric motorsport and an automobile garden party.

Legends, birthday celebrations and fun cars in the Classic Corner area

This year, Volkswagen Classic will be presenting unique vehicles from six decades of the firm’s history on the large lawn in front of the castle, the Classic Corner.

Record-breaking Volkswagen W12 Nardo

Record-breaking Volkswagen W12 Nardo; @volkswagen-newsroom

Mighty record-breaker

Visitors can see the power of the Volkswagen W12 from a distance. The 440 kW (600 PS) sports car broke ten international records on the high-speed circuit at Nardò (IT) in 2001, improving on those times in 2002. The experimental vehicle also claimed a world 24-hour record in 2002 with an average speed of 322.89 km. The records set by the W12 Nardo remain unbroken to this day.

Volkswagen Classic 2019-


Popular world champion

On 17th February 1972, the Beetle became the world’s most-produced automobile. The first Volkswagen special edition appeared to commemorate this record. A Beetle 1302 S “World Champion” from that 1972 special edition will be on display in Jüchen.

Volkswagen Classic 2019 _ W Buggy


Air-cooled fun car

The viper-green Apal Buggy just makes you want to head straight for the sea. Early in the 1960s, the beaches of California were dotted with home-made vehicles based on the Beetle, and the dune buggy craze soon reached Europe. Belgian specialist manufacturer produced the GFK bodywork mounted on a shortened 1972 Beetle platform.

Volkswagen Classic 2019 _ 50th model anniversary - VW-Porsche 914-4

Volkswagen Classic 2019 _ 50th model anniversary – VW-Porsche 914/4; @Volkswagen

50th anniversary of the first production mid-engined sports car in Germany

In 1969, Volkswagen and Porsche presented a two-seater sports car. The VW-Porsche boasted a mid-engine concept and made use of air-cooled Porsche or
Volkswagen motors. It sported Targa-topped, rounded bodywork with a roll bar and was available to buy until 1976. To mark the anniversary, a VW-Porsche 914/4 from 1974 will be appearing at the “Volkswagen Vielfalt” (Volkswagen Variety) special race.

Refreshment in real style

Another classic vehicle will delight visitors to Schloss Dyck: the Volkswagen Classic ice cream van. Delicious ice cream from a lovingly designed ‚Bulli’ – snacks don’t get any sweeter than this.

electric Volkswagen ID.R at the Goodwood Festival of Speed UK 2019

electric Volkswagen ID.R at the Goodwood Festival of Speed UK 2019; @Volkswagen

Glimpse of the future with the record-breaker Volkswagen ID.R

Volkswagen has prepared a real highlight: The electric Volkswagen ID.R will be driving at Schloss Dyck for the first time. Using the title “Past | Present | Future”, the Autostadt will be presenting legendary racing cars from the Volkswagen Group. These will include the multiple record-breaking ID.R – which will also be taking part in the show races on the castle circuit.