Unleashed – a new brand dedicated to reimagining the E-type


E-Type UK presents ‘Unleashed’, a new brand dedicated to reimagining the E-type with modern performance and creature comforts.

E-Type UK; @etypeuk.com/

E-Type UK, renowned restorer of the definitive classic sports car – has introduced an all-new brand dedicated to reimagining the E-type. The ‘Unleashed’ brand’s first creation is a Jaguar E-type Series 3, refined and upgraded in every way to create the ultimate incarnation of Jaguar’s V12-powered icon.

Each Unleashed example is handcrafted and restored to perfection over 4,000 hours, with prices from £325,000 plus the cost of a suitable Series 3 E-type donor car.

Developing the British icon further, with a strengthened and tweaked platform, the Unleashed offering embodies a completely restored, re-engineered and reimagined example with a plethora of enhancements to the car’s drivetrain, body and interior.

E-Type UK; @etypeuk.com/

At the heart of Unleashed sits a significantly enhanced V12 engine, re-engineered by E-Type UK’s team of leading experts.

Each of the 12 cylinders has been re-bored to increase the engine’s capacity by 800cc, taking it from 5.3 litres to 6.1 litres, with a new 12-branch ceramic-coated stainless-steel sports exhaust ensuring Unleashed’s thunderous performance is accompanied by a free-flowing engine note – although still subtle enough to remain a comfortable grand tourer.

Fed by a new bespoke side-draft electronic fuel injection system pioneered by E-Type UK, power output is boosted to 400bhp to provide a prodigious thrust at full throttle, amplifying the timeless thrill of one of the greatest sports cars ever built. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a new 5-speed gearbox and lightened flywheel.

Unbridled power requires an abundance of stopping power, which is why Unleashed is fitted with 4-piston brakes with grooved vented discs and braided brake lines.

Ensuring mechanical reliability in all driving conditions has been a cornerstone of developing Unleashed. Under the bonnet can be found a performance high-flow aluminium radiator, oil cooler coupled with ECU-controlled cooling fans for optimum temperature control, affording owners total peace of mind.

Power is nothing without handling to match it, which is why the Unleashed’s chassis is fitted with fully adjustable shock absorbers, allowing for complete customisation to reflect a driver’s personal preference when it comes to ride comfort and cornering stability. Sports torsion bars alongside PU suspension bushings advance the handling ability of the Unleashed to even greater heights.

The exterior of the Unleashed has been subtly finessed to create a sleeker, more flowing profile whilst retaining the unmistakable outline of the original Series 3 E-Type.

The front section is led by a custom-made wrap-around chrome bumper which is simplified in its design to provide a smoother aesthetic. Both the front grille and badge are custom-designed units, now providing a ‘floating’ effect to simplify and modernise the look. The rear of the car is adorned with a handcrafted single-piece chrome bumper.

In the spirit of enhancing the car’s character, rather than detracting from it, Unleashed retains the E-type’s famous wire wheel alloys, though with an increased size of 16″ to allow for the housing of the competition brakes. As a result, Unleashed boasts a lower and wider stance.

The prominent bonnet design of the Series 3 E-type remains and is now complemented by extended louvres to allow for improved engine cooling. LED optical headlamps with daylight running function greatly advance the all-around usability of the car – as well as providing a unique visual signature – with visibility both inside and outside the car in low light improved significantly.

E-Type UK; @etypeuk.com/

A totally bespoke cabin, adorned with subtle modern touches forms a truly elegant environment that answers all the needs ofthe modern driver.

Custom-made leather seats, hand-stitched using the finest quality leather, ensure driver and passenger comfort no matter the journey. Each seat is fitted with heating elements, meaning winter drives are just as enjoyable as any in summer.

A piano black dashboard fascia parallels the aluminium centre console, housing many vehicle controls. The driver is greeted with gauges embellished with chrome, illuminated by LEDs.

Additional driver conveniences include remote central locking, engine start button, electric windows, Bluetooth connectivity, surround-sound speakers heated front windscreen and full air-conditioning system.

E-Type UK; @etypeuk.com/