Top Luxury Accessories that Every Executive Should Own

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Call it the trickle-down effect triggered by capitalism and consumerism, but being a corporate executive or an entrepreneur is not only a matter of making a certain income or being at a particular designation, but it is also about carrying a certain style. Thanks to the awareness and exposure because of the freedom and accessibility of media and the rat race triggered by the social media. The way you carry yourself becomes part of your personality and defines who you are so if you are a fashionista or even an executive who likes to make his style statement. Spending on accessories is not always an unnecessary expense. Many accessories today that is part of corporate fashion, have a lot of utility to it too. Therefore it is not like you will be wasting any money. Here are a few key items that you should own to stand out in the crowd.

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Cuff Links

Many corporate executives and start-up entrepreneurs are freshly young bloods in this era. Even if you are young and are tempted to play it cool by rolling up your sleeves, think again. There will be times when you would want to stick to being classier rather than being cool. A sophisticated pair of cuff-links set over the neatly tucked sleeves of a formal shirts paired with a dresspant. Generally, a man can never have enough, but if you are still new to the game, three to four pairs in neutral colors would be enough. It is recommended that you invest in at least one pair of high-end luxury cufflink for those special formal dinners.

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A Watch

A classy gentleman should not just walk out of the house without a watch on his wrist. Observations have always been considered as an important accessory ever since they have been invented, partly because of their utility as a time-telling device. However, in recent history as cell phones took overa the multi-purpose handheld gadget, many people stopped feeling the need of wearing the watch since cell-phones can fill in the utility factor. However, a cell phone can never take over the grace and class of a wrist watch as a style accessory and probably will not give the same level of utility too. After all, it would be frustrating to reach out for your cell phone every time you need to check the time, especially during presentations or conferences where you need to keep track of time constantly and using a cell phone will not be seen as good manners.

Other than the utility bit, the importance of wrist watches as a style accessory cannot be neglected. It enhances your look and adds to your personality. Ideally, you should have at least two pairs of watches, a leather belt one, and a formal bracelet strap watch to go with different looks and occasions. How much you would want to spend on your watch is your call but you can browse and research about your watch purchase easily on online stores such as Watch Shopping, the best online watch store.

Eye Wear

Do not take this one lightly. Even if you are not an eye-wear person try carrying one. With so many different styles available today, there will surely be one that will fit your face. It adds to the gentleman personality, exudes class and shows you as a well- kept well-groomed person. Besides, no one likes a face with squinting eyes due to sunlight. You can choose to go for Giordano, Giorgio Armani, or a Ray-Ban, depending on whatever works best for you. Even a single pair of a good brand is good enough to go a long way. The fact, that they protect you from the harmful UV rays is a bonus.


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Hats were always considered as a sign of well kept, groomed men in the British Victorian era and are generally not considered very American thing unless you plan to carry a cowboy look. A formal hat with your tuxedo is a must-have especially if you have any luncheons or day-light event or meetings lined up.

Leather Belt

A waist belt is not a fashion accessory but a necessity primarily. That being said, how you choose to wear it has an impact on your overall style game. It would be smart if you avoid just grabbing any random belt off the rack and invest in a genuine leather Louis Vuitton accessory. The classic LV logo glistening in the middle of your waist draws all the right attention.

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A Pen

If you are a corporate executive or an entrepreneur who has a lot of paperwork to do, taking notes and minutes in the meeting or even signing papers, carrying a pen in your pocket is a must. It does not look very impressive when you are looking around to borrow a pen every time you need to sign a paper. It also seems very off, if you take out a $1 pen that you have used in your college to take history notes. Consider carrying a MontBlanc, a Parker or at least a reasonably executive looking office ballpoint. You will get extra impression points if you can get it personalized with your initials.

Travel Wallet

As an executive, it is very likely that you will be doing some level of traveling be it for work or leisure. Your corporate fashion does not end at your workplace, but it becomes an integral part of your personality, which means you will also be carrying it to the airport. Get a nice luxe leather travel wallet. It will not only look exceptionally stylish but will also make your life a lot easier. You can carry your business and bank cards, cash, and passport and travel documents all in a single case without worrying about the hassle of handling too many things.

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Cigarette Case and Lighters

Smoking is harmful to health, and it is not good manners to smoke around people. However, if you are in a setting where all the delegates smoke and if, by all means, you have to burn then do it with class. Those Ugly cigarette packs are complete no-no. Get a nice cigarette case and a good lighter, something like Zippo so that you do not feel awkward while lighting that cigarette the next time you have delegates around.

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