The global market of new boats. Italy is the second largest boat producer in the world. Study.

The market of sailing boats is worth 2.1 billion euro, 74% of the value is represented by the boats in between 12 and 30 m.


The global market of new boats has a value of 19 billion Euro, according to estimates made by Deloitte and Altagamma for the year 2015, with about 800 thousands boats sold and recorded a significant growth versus 2014. In 2016 the order book of superyachts amounted to 295 yachts with a value of 8.7 billion Euro. Italy is confirmed as the second largest boat producer in the world, after the US, and the first worldwide
producer of super yachts.

The first of the study “Market Insight of the International Recreational Boating Industry”, by Deloitte and Altagmma was presented at the 2016 Yachting Festival in Cannes by NAUTICA ITALIANA, the association affiliated with the Altagamma Foundation set up by 25 of the most important Italian brands in the luxury yachting sector. The purpose of the Study is to analyse the main trends of the global boating recreational market classified by the main vertical sectors and business segments of the industry.


  • Market insight of the international recreational boating industry

The market of sailing boats is worth 2.1 billion euro, 74% of the value is represented by the boats in between 12 and 30 meters.

• The segment of superyachts (length over 30 meters) is worth 2.9 billion euro, the motor yachts segment weights 95% of these market.

• In 2014 the pre-owned boats market is worth 14 billion euro – based on the asking price – of which 2.6 billion is in the cluster over 30 meters, 7.4 billion euro by boats between 12 and 30 meters, while 4.2 billion euro under 12 meters.

• The segment of Refit & Repairs and superyachts Charter are worth at least 1 billion euro in 2014.

• Italy, with a production value of 1.7 billion euro, represents 10% of the global new recreational boats production (2014) and is the second manufacturing country in the world, after the United States (43%) and followed by the UK (6,9%), the Netherlands (6,5%), Germany (6,4%), France (5,7%) and China (4,1%).

• The estimated global value for 2015 of new recreational boats (deliveries) is 19 billion euro, growing by 12% compared to 2014, and 800,000 boats sold: plus 14% versus previous year.

• From 2009 to 2015 the new orders of superyachts decreased yearly by 8.8% and deliveries by 7.5%, while the pre-owned boats market increased by 10.6% yearly.


• In 2015 new orders of superyachts grew up by 6.6% compared to 2014.

• In 2015 Italy has a market share in the segment of superyachts equal to 42% of total deliveries (62 out of 147 units) and 35% of their value (~1 out 2,9 billion euro).

• The order book of superyachts in 2016 is estimated at 295 units – excluding on hold orders and ghost boats – with an overall value of 8.7 billion euro.

• In 2016 the new orders of superyachts account for 44% of the order book.

• In 2016 the speculative orders of superyachts account at least 53% of the order book.

• In 2016 Italy has a 39% market share of the superyachts order book, that decreases to 25% when the overall value is considered.

• In 2015 the richest segments of the world’s population (High Net Worth Individuals) are equal to 15.4 million people: 5,1 in the Asian-Pacific area, 4,8 in North America, 4,2 in Europe, 0,6 in the Middle East and 0,5 in South America.

• The compound average growth rate (CAGR) of HNWI from 2009 to 2015 has been 7.5%

• The superyachts market penetration is estimated around 2.5% of the Ultra-HNWI population, highlighting an untapped potential market that has to be conquered.