Top Autumn Escapes. These ten hotels worldwide have been named the best destinations for fall 2016

10 Perfect Fall Destinations to Attend Autumn Events and experience unique hotels.


Use the next few months to experience this season’s best destinations. These ten hotels worldwide have been named the best destinations for fall 2016 by

The list of the top 10 fall destinations consists of U.S. and international high-end locations. European locations include destinations such as Florence and Berlin, which ranked on the Hotel Price Index (HPI) as two of the most popular international destinations for American travelers in 2015.

Get a glimpse of the changing fall foliage at our favorite spots from the list: Budapest, Florence, Bruges, and Prague.


“Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Berlin, dabble in the variances of cheese at a Hungarian festival, or glide on the ice of New York’s Rockefeller Center — the options are limitless.”

Top 10 Fall Destinations to indulge yourself with luxuries beyond compare:



1. Scarlet Huntington Hotel; San Francisco, CA;

2. The Surrey; New York, NY;
st-regis-houston-houston-tx-hotel st-regis-houston-houston-tx
3. St. Regis Houston; Houston, TX;
fifteen-beacon-boston-ma-entrance fifteen-beacon-boston-ma-concierge-services
4. Fifteen Beacon; Boston, MA;

fairmont-grand-del-mar-san-diego-ca fairmont-grand-del-mar-san-diego-ca
5. Fairmont Grand Del Mar; San Diego, CA;
hotel-adlon-kempinski-berlin-germany berlin-fall-fantasy
6. Hotel Adlon Kempinski; Berlin, Germany;

7. Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace; Budapest, Hungary;

8. Villa Cora; Florence, Italy;
hotel-dukes-palace-bruges-bruges-belgium hotel-dukes-palace-bruges-bruges-belgium
9. Hotel Dukes’ Palace Bruges; Bruges, Belgium;
hotel-golden-star-prague-czech-republic hotel-golden-star-prague-czech-republic
10. Hotel Golden Star; Prague, Czech Republic.

fifteen-beacon-boston-ma fifteen-beacon-boston-ma-legend-preferred

  • Snuggle up and Settle in
    XV Beacon; Boston, MA, Rated 4.5 Excellent by guests
    This hotel is complete with cashmere throws, gas fireplaces and rainforest showerheads in every room. The Fifteen Beacon Hotel in Boston is known not only for its homey and historic aesthetic but also for its extensive art collection. Roman mosaics, portraits from Gilbert Stuart and works by painter Maggi Brown greet you as you walk in the lobby. Rooms from $395 per night**
  • Private and Discrete Getaway: The Surrey; New York, NY;
    This Upper East Side getaway was built to mimic the private and discrete atmosphere celebrities like JFK, Bette Davis, and Claudette Colbert cherished in the original residential Surrey built in 1926. Now incorporating a modernized upgrade, the Surrey will let you retreat from the public eye but maintain a high-profile lifestyle and revel in luxuries galore. Rooms from $735 per night**
  • Modern History: Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace; Budapest, Hungary.
    This 100-year-old Klotild Palace housed the first elevator in Hungary over 100 years ago. Now the five-star hotel continues to express history with color-rich rooms, ornate decorations and luxurious fabrics. The Buddha-Bar Restaurant, Buddhattitude Spa, and Klotild Bar and Lounge give guests the chance to unwind and relax. Rooms from $185 per night**
    villa-cora-florence-italy villa-cora-florence-italy
  • Empress Approved Accommodations: Villa Cora; Florence, Italy;
    Original frescoes, lavish gardens, private guesthouses and bourgeois style accommodations of the 19th century are just a few elegancies that make the Villa Cora an exceptional hotel. These hotel luxuries even enticed the ex-empress Eugenia, widow of Napoleon III, who stayed in the hotel when visiting Florence.Rooms from $485 per night**
    All prices quoted are ‘from’ prices and are accurate as of September 19, 2016.