Some Unusual Ways to Kick Back and Unwind



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It’s always very important to be as hardworking as you probably can. However, it’s also very important to de-stress and kick back after a long period of hard work. No matter how busy you are or how much money you make, there’s not a lot that can be said for you if there’s no time to relax or even spend some of that money you’re making.
Studies have shown that a large number of people are under a significant amount of stress and these numbers are not getting any better or encouraging. You need to know that stress greatly impacts your productivity very negatively and could also affect your own personal life even outside of work. So, if you need to kick back, here are a few unusual things to try.

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Try a Beer Bath

This might seem like a very odd thing to do and the truth is, most people would readily agree with you. However, being soaked in beer could actually have very interesting effects on your body. This method of relaxation hasn’t exactly been proven but there are a few “beer spas” whose owners or managers might argue differently. It is said that the hops contained in beer have a scent that could be a very effective stress reliever. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. Just give it a shot.

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Play Slot Games

This is a very fun activity that can help you unwind and is perfect to do when you’re with a bunch of people. As a destressing activity, feel free to gather your team together with some food and a few drinks and then play these games individually as a mock competition or together with everyone actively involved. These games are fun, entertaining and you don’t even have to go to a proper casino. All you have to do is to find a conducive space for everyone and you can play online slots here.

Dog Petting

Dog Petting

Believe it or not, petting dogs have been known to have measurable effects on your mental state. There’s a whole field of therapy that deals with animals called Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). This is when animals are used to help people relax and heal. It has been known to reduce anxiety, help depression and also have positive effects on a person’s blood pressure, reducing it significantly. Dogs have been noted as very good companions because they can sense human emotions. Try petting a dog.

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Force A Smile

Some studies have shown that smiling is a good way to reduce stress. These studies have also shown that any smile, even when you force a fake one, can actually have certain positive psychological effects on you. The way it works is that your face, when you smile, sort of forces your brain to think you’re happy and this might actually make you feel better.
If you’re looking to destress whether on your own or with a team, try some of the things mentioned above. They may not be the most usual things you readily think of when you’re looking to unwind. However, there’s a high chance that they’ll have an awesome effect on your psyche.