So distinctive that it is impossible to replicate: the Figurado Creation Privee writing jewel


When prepared in the right way, organic materials such as thin and fragile tobacco leaves can be transformed into a writing instrument so distinctive that it is impossible to replicate. Montblanc’s latest Creation Prive luxury writing piece is inspired by its owner’s passion for cigars. The one-of-a-kind writing instrument crafted from tobacco leaves pushes the boundaries of artisanship.

A creative collaboration between Montblanc and its owner, the Figurado Creation Prive is custom-designed to mirror the shape and  look of an exceptional cigar with the cap and barrel of the writing instrument covered in the finest cigar leaves. For every Creation Privee, designers and artisans work closely with the owner throughout the manufacturing process.

New techniques were explored to bring this vision to life: from extracting the oil from the leaves before masterfully wrapping them around the metal body of the fountain pen, to protecting them with a cellulose coating similar to the one used for the restoration of old paintings, and covering them with an emulsion of several lacquers.


Emulating an authentic cigar, the Artisan Atelier designers have re-imagined a custom-designed banderol wrapped around the fountain pen. Crafted like a writing jewel using the finest materials, the instrument features a retractable Au 750 gold nib, a precious tourmaline in the cone, white gold fittings set with tourmaline stones and a Montblanc diamond on the cap top.

Because this 1/1 edition is best stored under constant climate conditions due to its organic nature, a special humidor-style presentation box was crafted from the finest wood with a glass viewing panel so the fountain pen can be admired without having to open the box. The writing instrument is safely stored inside a dedicated compartment alongside the owner’s collection of rare cigars, and an assortment of handcrafted accessories designed to accompany the cigar-shaped writing instrument including a traditional cigar holder, a tobacco leaf lighter and an ashtray.