SeaJetCapsule’s UFOs are floating on the ocean as sustainable homes

SeaJetCapsule‘s UFO powered by renewable energy is intended for “living floating house.” The UFO remains stable in rough weather.


This Unidentified Floating Object for travelling and living on the sea is completely powered by wind, water and sun. The sustainale floating home designed by Italian boating company Jet Capsule is using a waterjet-propelled Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor (80hp) with a leisurely maximum speed of 3.5 knots (6.5 km/h, 4 mph). The floating home concept offers panoramic views underwater.

Two half-spherical shells of fiberglass make up the two stories of the interior housing, with flexible floor plans for various configurations.

The interior of the flying saucer-shaped home consist of a transformable kitchen and dining/living area on a 20-sq. m (215-sq. ft.) top level, with stairs leading down to a 10-sq. m (107-sq. ft.) submerged lower level with bathroom and bedroom surrounded by a large window for viewing sea life.

UFO-SeaJetCapsule SeaJetCapsule UFO is intended for living floating house

To keep the craft stable, the UFO uses a special elastic anchor system. The main structure of the floating object can be aligned with the compass, keeping the position angle oriented on the desired cardinal direction, unsinkable even in rough sea conditions”

The motor is connected to a batteries, sending the generated energy from 40 sq. m (430 sq. ft.) of solar panels in a closable lid atop the structure.

Additional energy sources can be provided through optional wind and water turbines located on the top and below the main disc of the UFO, respectively, creating enough power to operate the home and motor.

A water generator would be used for converting rain or seawater to fresh drinking water, as well as watering a vegetable garden located on a deck that encircles the structure and measures 12.5 m (41 ft) in diameter.

SeaJetCapsule UFO is intended for living floating house-  SeaJetCapsule UFO is intended for living floating house concept


SeaJetCapsule UFO is intended for living floating house concept -2017