Salone del Mobile 2016: Art of the Bath Gallery by Graff

Art of the Bath Gallery is the new emotional journey undertaken by GRAFF, which will have its leading appearance during the next Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Art of the Bath Gallery by Graff

Created by Davide Oppizzi in partnership with D-Cube Design, the display revolves around five pictures: the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David, La Grand Odalisque by Ingres, Ophelia by John Everett Millais and Gabrielle d’Estrées by the Fontainebleau school.

Art, as well as home décor, is at the very foundation of fine living. “We have chosen the emblematic and high-impact iconography of Vincent Calmel’s works as the new display concept for 2016, because we believe that real beauty springs from timeless and classical shapes, reinterpreted and adapted to the changing contexts with which we are confronted today ,” says Emanuela Tavolini, Sales Director for GRAFF Europe.

“This is the goal we want to achieve through the design of GRAFF products, by introducing iconic objects with a strong aesthetic content in today’s world of bathroom design,” Tavolini concludes.

Shower systems, faucets, showerheads and accessories communicate among themselves, creating interesting, colorful images together with the elements of the latest GRAFF collections.

graff salone del mobile 2016 luna stellar innovation - salone del mobile 2016 graff

Each piece, in its own way, is the protagonist of the valuable “mise en scene”, and reflects a specific aesthetic philosophy: the search for essentiality, free of excess. If a company’s ability lies in capturing a form and turning it into a trend, GRAFF accomplishes the task in an excellent manner.

To tie a brand like GRAFF to art has been very natural. The products of the American company, recognized worldwide for its unique vision and originality of its collections, are developed with the highest quality materials, reflecting the long manufacturing tradition acquired since 1922.

GRAFF’s new proposals include a complete presentation for the shower area and an extremely versatile wellness program. The multiple suggestions of this program will offer an answer to every design need, giving a solution to those who seek aesthetics, functionality, technology, eco-sustainability and performance.

The wellness program includes also a new range of modular thermostatic sets for simultaneous control of several water outlets and a new range of showerheads.

From watching videos and listening to music to enjoying color therapy, the Aqua-Sense shower system provides a multimedia experience through the use of a technological touchpad.

graff bathroom revel in the present moment graff AMETIS RING

The Ametis Ring supplies the dual function of waterfall and rain shower settings combined with color therapy, for those looking for strong aesthetics and technological innovation.

Another innovation in GRAFF offerings consists of a series of modern and classic free-standing washbasins and bathtubs.

luna stellar innovation - salone del mobile 2016 graff Led mixe for Graff graff faucets graff bathroom innovations graff bathroom - new products 2016 GRAFF presents the most inventive faucet collection for the bathroom