Bedroom ideas for teenage girls that will be perfect for your daughter entering her teens

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Ahh, the time has come to revamp your former little girl’s bedroom into a stylish, and more age-appropriate space for them to grow up within. It’s time to ditch the pink princess-themed room and opt for another style that will suit your daughter’s very own style and personality. However, this can be difficult! Other than the usual necessities, such as a bed, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers, what else will make this space ultra-cool and unique to them? Well, luckily for you, we have some bedroom ideas for teenage girls that we would be more than happy to share with everyone. Stay tuned.

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Add a feature wall

Nothing screams growing up like a bold and unique feature wall that will add class to the room space. A feature wall can be an extremely easy way to renovate whilst also adding impact. It adds dimension to the room and can easily break up the space so that the colours don’t merge into one another. Easy ways to create a feature wall are by adding bold, patterned, or abstract wallpaper, creating a splatter/pattern wall with paint, or even dedicating a wall to pictures. This can be done by adding large picture frames scattered around the wall, or simply printing 6×4 photos by compressing them in lines together. The options are endless; therefore, your teen will not be short of ideas that will accommodate them.

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If your daughter never had a TV in her room up until now, then now is certainly the time to invest in one. Now, we know TVs can be expensive devices, therefore, this may be the perfect present for her birthday or Christmas. With the popularity of Netflix and other streaming services these days, she will certainly make use of this room feature! For a modern and sleek look, place the TV on the wall. Not only will this utilise wall space but it will also avoid damage to the TV. We know how careless teenagers can get sometimes, and trust us, that TV will be ten times safer up there than it would be situated on a chest of drawers or TV unit! Click here for TV wall mounting services.

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Create a dressing/make up area

When your daughter approaches the teenage phase of their life, this is most likely when they begin getting involved with make-up. A separate space and section of the room to dedicate to getting ready is extremely helpful. A vanity table is an ideal contribution to making this happen. Vanity tables can be purchased for much less than you have probably anticipated as well and can look extremely aesthetically pleasing and lavish in a bedroom setting. Surround the vanity table with a large mirror, a comfortable chair/ottoman for underneath, and lighting around the mirror. A top tip is to ensure that you choose a vanity table with a sufficient amount of storage. Trust us, this will come in handy when your daughter develops an extensive makeup collection over the years!

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Wall features

You are bound to have seen one of the latest social media crazes, neon wall lights/signs. These signs are one of the coolest bedroom ideas for teenage girls and can illuminate and personalise their room space. The signs can come in a variety of different styles, colours, and sizes and can even be created in the format of a name. Super edgy and cool if we do say so ourselves! You could also add wall features such as large canvases or framed wall art. The world is your oyster on the internet and there are options for everyone’s taste.

Infuse greenery

Plants inside are very in trend at the moment and do not only contribute to a room aesthetically. They also offer several health benefits. Plants have been proven to boost your mood, lower stress, and anxiety, and improve the feeling of fatigue, all of which will perfectly contribute to a teenager’s mood swings! Especially if your teen is looking to go for natural or neutral tones throughout their room, plants are the perfect way to accessorise. Artificial plants are also the perfect alternative if your daughter will (unsurprisingly!) struggle to keep the plant alive.

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Excess storage space

Excess storage space is always a must-have, especially for girls! It is beneficial to feature several options for storage within your teen’s bedroom, this will save excess belongings lying around their bedroom floor! Some storage options include wardrobes, ottomans, chests of drawers, or under-the-bed storage. Storage beds have become increasingly popular in recent years which is probably down to how practical they are, alongside the headboard styles and designs offered. These beds usually have storage in two forms, either ottoman style or drawer style, and both work perfectly as well as each other. So, if you have a teen who you know would benefit from additional storage space, a storage bed has got to be one of our best suggestions for bedroom ideas for teenage girls.